MindsetPT Webinar Series: Improving Energy w/ Heather Ratliff

Anyone else burned out? Fatigued? Just overall overwhelmed?

We’re honored to bring Heather Ratliff, The Wellness RN, to this Mindset webinar to talk about how to improve your energy levels to help you live your life in the most vibrant way! If you have heard her speak before, you know you NEVER miss an opportunity to watch this superstar in action.

Heather uses Functional Medicine to determine the root cause of physical and mental health concerns with her patients. If support is needed to address lifestyle modifications in association with treatment, Heather is trained as a Health Coach to support patients on the journey.

MindsetPT Webinar Series: Dr. Cara Ahlgrim Golf Assessment

Want a longer drive? Better short game? A pain-free 18-holes?

If anything is stopping you from your best golf game, this webinar is for you! We’re honored to bring Dr. Cara Ahlgrim, Physical Therapist and Certified Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Instructor.

Dr. Cara will talk about how to improve your your golf game, things that might be hindering your shots and ways to increase your mobility to create improved power transfer.

MindsetPT Webinar Series: Eye Health in the Digital Age

Eye health is crucial to understand and optimize given the amount of screen time we are all facing. With greater amount of schoolwork and jobs being done remotely, we are bringing in an expert, Dr. Alexandra Copeland, to educate us on how your eyes function and how to protect yourself against multiple visual issues.

MindsetPT Webinar Series: Financial Planning

COVID-19 has created quite the economic challenge at the personal and professional levels for so many. Come meet Brian Face of Face2Face Financial Planning via a live Zoom webinar to learn about things such as what to do with your stimulus check, market projections, and how to plan for the future.

For more information on Brian and how he can help, please visit Face2Face Financial Planning.