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The Athena Program

Empowering the Next Generation

This strength and conditioning course is for young women to become confident in and outside of the gym.

We will be combining our mindset practice with our movement practice and incorporating topics including proper nutrition, sleep, and social media use.

The fitness aspect will focus on learning how to move correctly and prevention of common female injuries.

We have also partnered with professionals from the community to come in and speak on their areas of expertise.

This course is 8 weeks long and includes gym workouts twice a week. Ideal for young women ages 12 to 15.

Developed & Coached by Cassidi Wenke, ACE & NASM-CNC.

Athena Summer 2023

Mondays & Wednesdays

3:00 – 4:30

June 26th – August 16th


We are awarding ONE lucky young female a FREE session this summer!

We invite you to nominate and share about a young female (ages 12 to 15) that is in your life and whom you admire. We feel strongly that young women need the support of each other and they deserve to learn healthy ways in which to honor and BE THEMSELVES.

Together we can empower the next generation of females! Know that your nomination can make a difference.

Nominations are due by Monday, May 1st.

The winner and nominators will be notified no later than Monday, May 15th.

Meet Your Athena Coach!

Coach Cassidi Wenke

Coach Cassidi Wenke


Cassidi was born and raised a Kalamazoo local and graduated from Western Michigan University with an Exercise Science degree. She has been involved with the world of exercise since elementary school when she started playing volleyball year-round.

When she hit high school, she decided to get into lifting and fell in love with it. She has been a personal trainer since 2017 and loves helping people learn to be confident in and proud of themselves. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Behavior Change Specialist.

Cassidi married her high school sweetheart in July of 2020. In her free time, she likes to be outside enjoying the sunshine, traveling to see new places and finding new projects to accomplish around the house she and her husband purchased in early 2020.

Her favorite thing about fitness is that every time you step into the gym to work on yourself, even if you feel like it wasn’t your best day, you take a step in the right direction.