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Incorporating YET!

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Hip IR

  • Stability Goals: 4pt / Tripod

  • Skill Work: Lateral Lunge

  • Mindset: Incorporating Yet!

WOD Programming Schedule

  • Monday – Met Con
  • Tuesday – Pliability
  • Wednesday – Strength
  • Thursday – Met Con
  • Friday – Pliability
  • Saturday – Strength

March 4th – 9th: Movie Week!


Come enjoy a hidden gem of Kalamazoo February 29 – March 3, 2024! RADFest, or the Regional Alternative Dance Festival, has been hosted by Wellspring Cori Terry & Dancers for the last 15 years. This festival invites choreographic submissions from all over the world and shows are curated by an expert panel. There are 6 performances throughout the weekend to pick and choose from – see one or see all six!

Dr. Allyson will be performing on Thursday, February 29th at 7pm in the Michigan-Made show! In addition, Dr. Allyson will be leading an improvisation jam on Friday, March 1st during Art Hop. Come join in the movement fun or watch as others explore structured improvisation prompts at 5:30pm in the Judy Jolliffe Theater in the Epic Center.

HERE is a link to see all of the performance options and buy tickets! This is a great event that supports both local artists and artists from around the world!!

Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

Want to know more about our Fit3D Scanner? We would love to tell you!

Here is the list of what is included in your body scan. This information can help you achieve your health goals in a safe and smart way!

To learn more or schedule, call 269-447-2672 or talk to Coach Patrick directly!

Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

This phase we will be focusing on our MOBILITY!

You will note that there will be extra focus during the cool downs and movement lessons.


Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

Did you know that Coach Patrick offers 1:1 and group sessions for any additional goals you might have!

Want to be able to do a pull-up? Don’t feel your squat is as good as it can be?

Contact him directly or by calling the office at 269.447.2672!

Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

Mindset Health Tip

Learning the power of the word YET is one of the ways you can develop a GROWTH MINDSET. As you can imagine, this is really important to us here at Mindset. This is one of the many ways we hope to help you, our community and the world!

Check out this quick article about 10 ways to develop a GROWTH MINDSET!

Functional Medicine Corner

A recent study published in JAMA Neurology has found that there are a few modifiable risks that can increase our chances of developing dementia in the future. These include:

  • Social isolation

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Depression

  • Hearing impairment

These are in addition to chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. The good news is that if we actively work to make some adjustments in our daily lives to address the factors above, we can play a role in decreasing our chance for memory impairment in the future! Actions we can take include:

  • Spend time with friends and loved ones

  • Make time to enjoy hobbies that bring joy or peace

  • Find a therapist to help process emotions and past trauma

  • See your doctor to evaluate for hearing loss if there is concern

  • Get enough good sleep

  • Keep coming to the gym, for physical and mental health boosts

The good news is that we have some control over several aspects of our health, allowing us a greater chance of maintaining optimal brain function throughout our lifetime.

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month

Introducing Renee Huyck!

This incredible athlete is one tough cookie! She works hard here at Mindset and she is an incredible pitcher in her main sport of softball. If she is on the mound, you don’t want to be in the batter’s box.

Renee is a force to be reckoned with! She works hard, lifts heavy and focuses on her technique during every movement! She might be quiet at times but that is only because she is FOCUSED.

Give her some love as she is in training for her upcoming softball season!!!

Community Partners


We are overjoyed to announce our partnership with MRC Artworks!

This is an incredible organization! Their mission is to encourage and support individuals living with a disability to achieve the fullest potential through employment, skill building, and active community involvement.

We have 14 pieces for sale! We will be collecting any sales then giving all the proceeds back to MRC. Artists will receive 75% commission on all sales!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location!


Another AMAZING partnership we are bringing to you is our very own local juicer – JuicyLeaf!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location or schedule a pick up at Mindset every Tuesday from 3-7pm! 

**Place your orders before NOON on SUNDAYS**

Does Juicy Leaf use organic fruits and vegetables?

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

  • The main difference is fiber. Most of the insoluble fiber is removed in the juicing process.
  • By taking the fiber out, you can pack more fruit & veggie nutrients into a juice than you can into a smoothie of the same size.
  • The lack of insoluble fiber allows your body to rapidly absorb the nutrients while expending minimal digestive effort.
  • Smoothies are made by pulverizing fruit/veggies with liquid in a blender. The insoluble fiber, which helps keep things moving through your system, is maintained in the process.

What are the benefits of juice?

  • Several servings of fruit & veg nutrition effortlessly absorbed without energy taxing digestion.
  • Easy way to incorporate more fruits and veg in diet than eating produce alone.
  • Boosts immunity and energy. Alkalizing, chronic illness prevention, helps aid in weight loss, clear skin, healthy hair.