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Role of Mistakes

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Shoulder & Hip

  • Stability Goals: Shoulder 90-180

  • Skill Work: Clean and Press

  • Mindset: Gratitude

WOD Programming Schedule

  • Monday / Thursday: Strength

  • Tuesday / Friday: Pliability

  • Wednesday / Saturday: MetCon


Classes will begin promptly at their designated time in order to stay on schedule and respect your time.

Your coaches work very hard to organize details and create an amazing experience each time you come!

Reminder: There is a $15 cancellation fee for no show and late cancellations.

Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

Another 2024 new value we are bringing to you is the option to PAUSE or HOLD your membership for $25/month to avoid paying full price while you might not be able to use your account (for vacations, etc) or to hold your spot (e.g. Masters).

This does not apply to pauses for medical reasons.

Email Love@Mindsetpt.com and let us know how we can support your 2024 needs!

Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

Mindset Health Tip

Making mistakes might just be the main key to learning! Recent neurological research on the brain shows what happens when we make mistakes.

Surprisingly, the research tells us that making a mistake is actually a good thing!

Mistakes are not only opportunities for learning, but also a time when our brains grow.

Check out this cool news story to learn more!

Functional Medicine Corner

A recent report has shown that water in plastic bottles contains approximately 240,000 plastic fragments – this is 10 to 100 times greater than previous estimates. So, why is this a concern? Why should we care about microplastics in water anyway?

Plastics generally have a number of chemical components in them. This includes phthalates, bisphenols like BPA, and PFC’s. When they enter our body, they become “endocrine disruptors”, interrupting hormone signaling in the body. This can lead to immune system effects, as well as change development in our kids, and lead to reproductive and neurologic dysfunction. And this just addresses what we do know – scientists are still trying to determine all the effects these microplastics have in our system.

It is impossible to avoid all plastics today, so I’m not advocating for hypervigilance about every possible exposure. However, knowing that frequent or significant exposure to plastic can impact our health allows us to consider how and when we can make choices to decrease exposure. This can include:

  • Drinking filtered water from stainless steel, glass or ceramic containers.

  • Avoiding using plastic containers when reheating food in the microwave.

  • Using reusable wax wraps for packed lunches, rather than plastic bags.

  • Throwing away any plastic reusable food containers that are scuffed or damaged – these leach even more plastic.

  • Consider buying glass containers to store left-overs – especially if they are warm.

Stay safe and warm this weekend, and enjoy the winter wonderland!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month


These incredible women are your Mindset Power Knitters! Their friendship started here at Mindset and blossomed to include knitting! They have exchanged priceless knowledge and countless laughs! Together they have worked on many projects but my personal favorite was the handmade baby blanket for Amanda’s daughter, Blake!

These women are incredible and a joy to know. If you want to learn about knitting after you lift heavy things here at Mindset, we would be honored to connect you!

Happy Member(s) of the Month to these fine women:

  • Joann Gadbaw
  • Michelle Bosch
  • Teri Olbrot
  • Carol Anderson
  • Kim Tabor

Community Partners


We are overjoyed to announce our partnership with MRC Artworks!

This is an incredible organization! Their mission is to encourage and support individuals living with a disability to achieve the fullest potential through employment, skill building, and active community involvement.

We have 14 pieces for sale! We will be collecting any sales then giving all the proceeds back to MRC. Artists will receive 75% commission on all sales!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location!


Another AMAZING partnership we are bringing to you is our very own local juicer – JuicyLeaf!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location or schedule a pick up at Mindset every Tuesday from 3-7pm! 

**Place your orders before NOON on SUNDAYS**

Does Juicy Leaf use organic fruits and vegetables?

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

  • The main difference is fiber. Most of the insoluble fiber is removed in the juicing process.
  • By taking the fiber out, you can pack more fruit & veggie nutrients into a juice than you can into a smoothie of the same size.
  • The lack of insoluble fiber allows your body to rapidly absorb the nutrients while expending minimal digestive effort.
  • Smoothies are made by pulverizing fruit/veggies with liquid in a blender. The insoluble fiber, which helps keep things moving through your system, is maintained in the process.

What are the benefits of juice?

  • Several servings of fruit & veg nutrition effortlessly absorbed without energy taxing digestion.
  • Easy way to incorporate more fruits and veg in diet than eating produce alone.
  • Boosts immunity and energy. Alkalizing, chronic illness prevention, helps aid in weight loss, clear skin, healthy hair.