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The Mindset Method

We help people with complex medical conditions finally get help

and treat the true source of their problems.

I want to solve my pain!

I want to move better!

From DeAnna F.

Dr. Ellen worked with my heart and my head just as much as she did with my physical being. My only regret is that I didn’t see her sooner. She cared. She told me from the beginning, “You’re not broken beyond repair, we can fix this. It won’t be easy but WE can do it. YOU can do it.”

From Jennie M.

Mindset and Ellen are the best. No prescription needed. No wasted trip to any physician. 1:1 professional and exceptional evaluation, focus on the patient and treatment is based on the problem.

From Brian S.

My knee is already feeling better, you really know your sh*t.

From David F.

Ellen is the GOAT of physical therapy! She helped me with shooting pain down my leg. She is also as good a person as she is therapist. One Hundred percent recommended!

From Paula S.

Dr. Ellen has helped me deal with rotator cuff problems, balance/vestibular issues, and helped me walk again after a foot injury that required serious surgery to correct.

From Andrea S.

Dr. Ellen Hector is the absolute best physical therapist! She also does baseline concussion screens–so important for athletes.

You won’t regret choosing her and her mindset!

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Physical Therapy

Our office is open and ready to solve your pain!

We offer TeleHealth sessions and in-office visits with strict distancing and sanitizing rules that surpass CDC recommendations.


Please check the gym schedule and review the COVID protocol we have put in place to make sure your gym is a safe space.

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