Fit3D Body Scan

Fit3D is the most trusted name in body composition!

This state-of-the-art body scan provides instant results and features an official partnership with DEXA for the most accurate body fat predictions.

This is an amazing way to establish your baseline and track your progress!

Mindset Gym Memberships

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Physical Therapy and Massage!

Get elite manual healing and massage therapy from Dr. Allyson, our new PT and massage therapist.

The Mindset Method

Our PT clinic helps people with complex medical conditions finally get help and treat the true source of their problems.


I want to solve my pain!

Dr. Ellen worked with my heart and my head just as much as she did with my physical being.

My only regret is that I didn’t see her sooner.

She cared.

She told me from the beginning, “You’re not broken beyond repair, we can fix this. It won’t be easy but WE can do it. YOU can do it.”


I want to get fit!

My wife and I quickly became accustomed to the personal attention and great workouts we receive from the Mindset team…in all honesty, we’re now completely spoiled! I got bored at regular gyms, so I didn’t go. Mindset delivers variety and intensity that keeps me engaged. The skill level based customization and coaching is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and it sets them far above the other options. I’m grateful we found them and I would give them 10 stars if I could!

Trent (Member since 02/2020)

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COVID-19 Status

Physical Therapy

Our office is open and ready to solve your pain!

We offer TeleHealth sessions and in-office visits with strict distancing and sanitizing rules that surpass CDC recommendations.


Please check the gym schedule and review the COVID protocol we have put in place to make sure your gym is a safe space.

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