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Fit3D Body Scan

Discover what’s at work underneath it all.

Fit3D is the preferred scanner in fitness, chiropractic, and aesthetic industries, with state-of-the-art technology and a partnership with DEXA for the most accurate body fat predictions.

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Fit3D DEXA Scan

Fast, Easy to Understand Results

Each scan provides you with: 

A customized, 3D Avatar

  • Your 3D Avatar serves as a great representation of how the body changes over time.
  • With the software’s overlay feature, scan renderings can be layered to see visual progress and body changes!

Body Composition

  • Fit3D’s partnership with DEXA helps us deliver the best predictions on lean and fat mass.
  • Gain metrics on weight, fat mass, lean mass, and body fat percentage.
  • See how you compare to healthy ranges and other Fit3D users with your same age and gender.

Circumference Measurements

  • Gain consistent and fast measurements without any human bias.
  • Track measurements from the neck down to the calves.

Health Scores

  • Fit3D has worked with leading universities to develop and score metrics based on your body shape, which is inversely proportional to visceral fat. This is what is identified as a “Body Shape Rating” (BSR).
  • Learn how your waist circumference, waist to hip ratio, and trunk to leg volume play into your BSR.

Posture and Balance Measurements

  • From a physical therapy and training perspective, balance and posture play an integral role in safe progression and mitigation of injury.
  • Learn where postural leans exist and where weight is distributed.

Basal Metabolic Rate

  • This is a key metric that indicates how much a body burns in resting state.
  • This is an essential metric for those on a nutrition and weight loss journey.

How often should you scan?

We recommend testing every 4-6 months to document your baseline and progress along your health journey.

Meet with one of our specialists to discuss your results and determine custom planning to help you achieve your goals!

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