Mindset Gym Schedule

All Mindset classes are programmed by doctorate-level professionals to ensure we are working toward your goals in a safe and effective manner.

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Workout of the Day (WOD)

This class cycles through three kinds of workouts: Strength, Metabolic Conditioning, and Pliability.

No matter which class you come to (we recommend each one, every week), you will be challenged in a safe, effective way and start seeing and feeling results right away.

All-Level Yoga

This class focuses on both the physical and spiritual sides of yoga and is for all levels of experience–even if you have never tried yoga before!


This class focuses on developing skills with the kettlebell, including the swing, clean and press, snatch, windmill, Turkish get-up, and more.

Becoming skilled with a kettlebell builds strength, endurance, mobility, and overall functional fitness — meaning you will be better at life. 


This class is for people 65+ who are looking to maintain strength, balance, mobility and day-to-day functions in a safe, supportive community. Our Masters membership is the perfect way to get and stay strong in the fight against Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other conditions

Need a Mindset Gym Membership?