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Performance & Wellness Packages

The best investment you can make for your body.

Whether you need a custom program tailored to your goals or would benefit from a specific package, such as peak performance and injury prevention for scholarship athletes or a focus on increasing your overall power output, we have the movement solution for you.

Check out the 60-minute packages below for more information, and we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions!

Custom and Team Performance Packages


Custom Package

  • We create a custom and interactive program designed to maximize your physical performance.
  • Everything is tailored to your personal goals and needs.
  • This package is for every phase of life—from high-level athletics to lifting your grandchildren.
  • 1 Client: $105 / session
  • 2-3 Client Group: $125 / session
  • 4-6 Client Group: $175 / session

Team Packages

  • Customized programming that can be done on-site at your facility.
  • We come to you!

Specialized Performance Packages

1 Session

Find out how much we can help you improve!


8 Sessions

Committed to Improving


12 Sessions



16 Sessions

Dedicated to Being the Best


Scholarship Package

  • The BEST investment you can make for your scholarship-bound athlete.
  • Targeted toward high-level athletes to PREVENT injuries and learn how to keep their body healthy while securing scholarships and transitioning to collegiate athletics.

Pre-Season Package

  • This package is customized to your upcoming sport season to optimize neuromotor timing, balance, agility, mobility and strength needs.
  • Jump start your training to surpass your competition and prepare at the highest, smartest level.

Power Package

  • This package is focused to safely maximize your power output using strength and conditioning principles and olympic lifting techniques.
  • These movements directly transfer into athletics and take your game to the next level.

Female Athlete

  • Ideal for the female athlete to prevent injuries such as the very common ACL tear and improve hip and core strength.
  • We integrate considerations specific to the female body and mind.

Jump Package

  • Increase your vertical and improve your jumping power in measurable, functional and injury-free ways.

Mobility Package

  • Ideal for growing athletes due to the variation in growth rates for bones vs muscles. This enables joint and muscle receptor awareness along with proprioception development.

Overhead Athlete

  • Includes 1:1 training specific to the overhead athlete.
  • Ideal for volleyball, baseball, softball, swimming, tennis, pickleball, and quarterbacks.
  • Learn to use your entire body to protect your arm and maximize speed.

Cerebral Package

  • This is an amazing program for high-level athletes who want to take their processing speed and cognitive abilities in athletics to an optimal level.
  • We blend physical training with neurological and psychological performance enhancement to create measurable improvements.

Beginning Runner

  • Ideal package for athletes just beginning their running journey.
  • Includes running mechanics and education along with the proper cross training and strengthening required to stay injury-free.

Advanced Runner

  • Perfect package for runners who want to begin training for an upcoming race or maximize their movement efficiency.
  • We discuss everything from shoes to video analysis.
  • Includes extensive strengthening, endurance training and stability work required for this sport.