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This Week’s Info

  • Theme:  Member Week!
This week we will honor some of our fabulous members with custom named workouts!!  Come check out the fun each day!
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Global
  • Skill work: Global

WOD Programming Schedule (thru Dec 24th)

  • Monday – The Kimberly M.
  • Tuesday – The Wendy
  • Wednesday – The Chris K.
  • Thursday – The Joann
  • Friday – The Lynn
  • Saturday – Closed

End Of Year Schedule

  • December 20th – 25th: Member Week!
  • December 27th – Jan 1st: Best of 2021!


  • ** New Staff **
    • Please join us in welcoming the magic hands of Kathy Richards-Allen! Kathy has been doing body work for 26 years utilizing an integrated approach with a special focus on mobility.
    • She specializes in Fascial Stretch Therapy which is a powerful and unique form of stretching utilized by many professional athletes. The greatest part is you will feel the effects right away and it gives you an opportunity to deepen your body connection.
    • Schedule HERE today!
  • Dr. Allyson keeps getting smarter!
    • Dr. Allyson just passed a very difficult exam and practical for diagnosis and treatment of spinal pain from the prestigious McKenzie Institute!
    • If you or a loved one are having neck or back pain, schedule HERE with her today!
  • Give the Gift of Health this year! 

Health Tip

I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Jacob Haugen, one of our previous coaches. He wanted to pass along a book recommendation: Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks.

In the book, they reference something called “Homework for Life.” Essentially, they recommend writing a few sentences about your day every night that are about story worthy moments that happened. They should be brief but meaningful. We all have these moments each day, and by noticing them, they become more important and purposeful in your life. You might find you then start to have more meaningful conversations and time might slow down.
Collecting these 1-4 sentences a day will help you realize that your life already is powerful and meaningful. You change your life by changing your beliefs and you change your beliefs by experiencing life in a way that makes those beliefs self-evident. Great advice!
Jake sends his deep love and wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

Member of the Month – December

Margaret Hoover, aka PEGGY! This woman brings energy, laughs and smiles to every Master’s Class! Her movement, balance and skills have dramatically improved since she started earlier this year. Peggy is always a joy to have around the gym, and she was the first to use our new Monkey kettlebells!! We love you more than you know!

COVID Policy Updates

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