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Mindset Gym Memberships

This is the beginning of something great…

Maybe your knees creak, pop, or hurt when you squat

Maybe you’re fired up to get stronger and leaner but don’t know where to start

Maybe you want to get to the next level of fitness and want to make sure you’re doing it right

If so, we can’t wait to work with you!

In addition to our elite physical therapy services, our new facility features gym memberships and group fitness classes.

ALL memberships include assessments and programming by our doctorate-level professionals, Ellen and Cara, so we can work together to create the results and solutions you are looking for in a safe and effective manner.

Check out our membership details to see what works best for you or use the contact options below to get started!

Do you qualify for a discount?

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Membership Options

All options offer unlimited classes.

12 Months - $125/mo

6 Months - $145/mo

3 Months - $165/mo

What comes with an Unlimited membership?

Workout Of the Day (aka WOD)

  • We offer 55-minute WOD classes Monday through Saturday. (Check out the schedule here!)
  • Classes are private with a maximum of 6 members per class.
  • Every class includes a warmup, mobility/movement prep, workout, cooldown/correctives, and a mindfulness practice.
  • All movements and exercises are customized to fit your ability and experience to ensure you are progressing safely toward your goals.

Open Gym Access

  • You are welcome to work out on your own if you can’t make a class!

Functional Movement Analysis and On-Ramp Education

  • Performed by a doctorate-level movement specialist to determine your skill level.

Skill Level Classification

  • This creates a safe and progressive approach to your movement practice.
  • Similar to a martial arts model, this allows you to advance safely to each level with expert coaching along the way. 

State of the art *NEW* facility and equipment

  • We even have a shower on site to maximize your schedule!

Doctorate-Level Coaching

  • Programming and instruction is done by professionals of the highest education possible.
  • We combine science, evidence and a professional grade rationale to maximize your experience. 

Injury Prevention

  • Training smart is key. Extensive education, on-ramp programming, skill level classification and doctorate-level coaching propel you toward your goals in the most efficient way.

Mindset Member Lifelong Learning

  • We include structured daily guidance through mindfulness practice within our WODs.


  • MamaBear Course – Free or reduced rates for members 
  • Family Discount
    • 10% off gym memberships for additional family members (beyond initial member)
    • 10% off performance packages for all family members
  • Veterans / First Responders Discount – 10% off six- or twelve-month memberships
  • Functional Medicine Evaluation – Carrie Palmer PA-C is offering reduced pricing for your first appointment. She is a ridiculously cool functional medicine specialist located in our facility.

All new Mindset member relationships start with a short conversation to make sure we understand your goals and what success looks like to you.

We want to make sure we are your best partners for achieving the solutions and results you want! 

Click here to select a date and time for us to call you so we can get the conversation started! During our call, we’ll discuss which membership will create the best results based on your goals.

You can also use this form to let us know you’re interested and we’ll reach out to begin the conversation.

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