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This Week’s Info
  • Theme: Only One You
  • Mobility Focus: Thoracic / Hip
  • Stability Goals: Front Line
  • Skill work: Pull Up 2

WOD Programming Schedule (thru Aug 14th)

  • Monday/Thursday – MetCon
  • Tuesday/Friday Strength
  • Wednesday/Saturday – Pliability


1)  PushPress is live!
  • Please see the last newsletter for details of how to schedule, update your profile, etc
  • Please note, we have waived the $15 Late Cancel (within 8 hours) or No Show as we get used to the new system. However, to respect all the members, the wait list and the coaches, we will resume this policy as of August 16th. Thank you!
2)  Let’s welcome Dr. Allyson!
  • Allyson starts tomorrow with our crazy crew!  She is an amazingly talented human who will be coaching, offering massage therapy and providing high level 1:1 care to our community!
  • Her email is: Allyson@MindsetPT.com if you would like to connect with her.
  • Her direct schedule link is HERE as well!
3) Schedule your FIt3D and Functional Performance Assessments!!
  • With the addition of the Fit3D to our family, we want to get everyone scanned and updated with their Functional Performance Assessments!
  • Cassidi will be leading this project and has created many appointment blocks throughout the next month for your convenience!  Click HERE and grab your spot ASAP!

Health Tip

Oh boy, get ready to take notes.
THIS podcast by Dr. Andrew Huberman is packed with information for you to consider regarding your health and overall human experience. There is only one YOU so use this podcast to invest wisely in yourself.
“In this episode, Dr. Huberman describes how the body’s organs influence the function and health of our brain and how our brain controls our bodily organs. The conscious awareness of this brain-body dialogue is called interoception. He describes how two factors- mechanical forces (e.g., pressure, pain, volume, etc.) and chemical factors (e.g., gut acidity, microbiome diversity, etc.) combine to influence our moods, control inflammation, immune system, recovery from injury and more. He explains how specific actions of our lungs, heart, spleen, and diaphragm control our brain via the vagus nerve and other neural pathways. Dr. Hubermaan describes 11 science-supported protocols for enhancing brain-body health and the logic behind them.”

Member of the Month – August

Mary Jane Werner is a super hard worker (you don’t earn the nickname The Beast by slacking off), and her favorite hobby is camping!
We are so happy she’s a part of our Masters group — she brings joy and enthusiasm to every class! Look at that form!!
COVID Policy Updates
  • You can find our complete COVID-19 Protocol HERE

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