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Consistency is KEY!

This Week’s Info

Mobility Focus: Hip

Stability Goals: Global Hip

Skill Work: Pull Up 2

Mindset: Consistency is Key

WOD Programming Schedule (through December 2nd)

  • Monday – Pliability
  • Tuesday – MetCon
  • Wednesday – Strength
  • Thursday – Pliability
  • Friday – MetCon
  • Saturday – Strength

End of the year calendar:

  • November 6th – December 2nd: Normal Phase Training
  • December 4th Week: Assessment Week
  • December 11th Week: Member Week
  • December 18th Week: Power Week
  • December 25th Week: Best of 2023 Week
    • For this week, we want to to collect the BEST SONGS for the ultimate Mindset Playlists!! PLACE YOUR VOTES HERE!!!
  • January 1st Week: New Phase Training begins!

Last year we had a wonderful time doing a Mindset Secret Santa Exchange so we are bringing it back!

How it works: Sign up to participate HERE! You will be designated a Mindset Member to secretly surprise with small gifts weekly from December 4th thru Dec 18th! When you sign up, you will answer questions about what you like so we can give your Secret Santa some hints along the way!

What is the cost and how many gifts?! 

  • A total of three gifts will be needed to participate.
    • Gift #1 will be due on Monday, December 4th.
    • Gift #2 will be due on Monday, December 11th.
    • Gift #3 will be due on Monday, December 18th. This can be the week that you reveal yourself to your Secret Santa! Or you may choose to keep it anonymous.
  • All gifts, each week, have a suggested cost limit of less than $10 per week. Feel free to get creative–hello sustainable shopping or crafting if it is your thing!

Where do I put my gift each Monday for my Secret Santa? 

  • We will have a designated “Santa” Basket that will remain up front in our lobby, by our Christmas tree. Feel free to discreetly drop your gift in the basket or ask a staff member for help if you need it.

What happens if I am gone or am going to be traveling one week?

  • You are welcome to drop off your “Santa” gift to us early, or you can get creative and place your gift in the “Santa basket” with a note on it saying “Do not open until (Date).”

Do I need to wrap my gift any special way? 

  • Feel welcome to wrap your gift as fancy as your heart desires! Drop it in the Santa basket when ready!



New WOD Schedule starting December 11th!

We are adding additional morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, along with an additional noon WOD on Tuesdays!

Please verify that your reservations are accurate with these changes effective December 11th!

Give the Gift of Mindset this Year!

Gift certificates available for Massages, Gym Memberships, Deep Health Coaching, Personal Training and more!

Our very own Dr. Sean is officially offering Dry Needling in his treatment sessions! This amazing treatment technique can be very effective in treating chronic pain issues such as headaches, low back pain and more! Stay tuned to the newsletters to learn more!

Dr. Sean will also be hosting a demonstration (date and time coming soon) so you can see it so you can understand how easy this treatment actually is!

Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

Dr. Sean Clark, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist, Coach

Assessment Week is approaching!

If you have never done Assessment Week before, here is a sneak peak!

Monday / Thursday: Assessment Day A

Tuesday / Friday: Assessment Day B

Wednesday / Saturday: Assessment Day C

Dr. Sean Clark, DPT, PT

Mindset Health Tip

Assessment Week is back in 1 week!!

Here are some great ways to prepare yourself:

  • Breathe! Remember you have actually been preparing for this through our programming.

  • For those of you doing this for your first time, have fun and gather baseline data. Write down your results in your folder! You will want them later!

  • Remember that none of these numbers show any value about you as a human! It is just information you can use to track your progress over time.

  • Eat nutritious food! Give your body the energy and nutrients it needs to perform and recover.

  • Drink your water people! Consider adding a pinch of salt to your water (not enough to taste).

  • Try to get to each Assessment Day once to expose yourself to the different areas of testing.

  • RING THE BELL when you achieve a personal record! Write your achievements on the board! Celebrate every single win and attempt! 

  • Have FUN! CHEER on your fellow workout buddies! GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

After Assessment Week, we will work into our education regarding breath, recovery and nervous system regulation!

Functional Medicine Corner

I’m often known as the “poop queen” here in our building, and rightfully so. ☺ I am acutely interested in gut health in every patient I see in my office, since the health of our gut influences our whole-body health. However, I also see many patients with hormonal issues – especially thyroid hormone concerns, or women with menstrual irregularities or those in perimenopause.

Often, standard approaches are singularly targeted at replacing specific hormones when they are low. Or for those of us in perimenopause, we are often told that the symptoms we are experiencing are “normal for our age”, or “just part of the process,” and there are no real options for treatment available.  However, just because many of us experience hormonal shifts and symptoms as we age, it doesn’t mean that we are powerless in changing or improving our hormone balance. In functional medicine, we have access to several tools to help address hormone balance and regain more optimal function.

When addressing hormones generally, it is impossible to look at just thyroid or sex hormones alone. I consider our three major hormone producing glands – our adrenal glands (which produce cortisol), our thyroid gland, and our ovaries or testes – as members of a team. When they are all functioning normally, the system runs beautifully, much like a well-coached and experienced soccer club or volleyball team. This is because they all work together to support our body.

However, when one of the hormone systems has a shift in function for an extended period, this can upset that balance and contribute to significant shifts in other hormones as the body tries to accommodate. Therefore, looking at or addressing only one system can often lead to continued imbalance and a lack of significant symptom resolution.

Hormone balance and how to approach it is a complex topic, but one that is well-worth addressing for those who are significantly affected. We are considering offering a mini-course on hormones in 2024 for anyone who is interested in digging into this topic more. Watch for a questionnaire in next week’s newsletter – I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who is interested would complete the short questionnaire so we can tailor a course to the needs of our community! Or feel free to approach me in the gym or at the clinic if you have thoughts or questions.

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month

Hey there Mindset community! Happy November!

We have a new member to spotlight all month long. If you haven’t met Jenn, you are missing out! This always positive, super intelligent, energy-giving woman is a gift to our community!

Jenn shows up every workout with a smile and openness to try new things! She has the best laugh that brings a bright light each time is in the room! We are honored to be in her orbit. We love you more than you know!

Community Partners


We are overjoyed to announce our partnership with MRC Artworks!

This is an incredible organization! Their mission is to encourage and support individuals living with a disability to achieve the fullest potential through employment, skill building, and active community involvement.

We have 14 pieces for sale! We will be collecting any sales then giving all the proceeds back to MRC. Artists will receive 75% commission on all sales!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location!


Another AMAZING partnership we are bringing to you is our very own local juicer – JuicyLeaf!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location or schedule a pick up at Mindset every Tuesday from 3-7pm! 

**Place your orders before NOON on SUNDAYS**

Does Juicy Leaf use organic fruits and vegetables?

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

  • The main difference is fiber. Most of the insoluble fiber is removed in the juicing process.
  • By taking the fiber out, you can pack more fruit & veggie nutrients into a juice than you can into a smoothie of the same size.
  • The lack of insoluble fiber allows your body to rapidly absorb the nutrients while expending minimal digestive effort.
  • Smoothies are made by pulverizing fruit/veggies with liquid in a blender. The insoluble fiber, which helps keep things moving through your system, is maintained in the process.

What are the benefits of juice?

  • Several servings of fruit & veg nutrition effortlessly absorbed without energy taxing digestion.
  • Easy way to incorporate more fruits and veg in diet than eating produce alone.
  • Boosts immunity and energy. Alkalizing, chronic illness prevention, helps aid in weight loss, clear skin, healthy hair.