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The Role of Resistance

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This Week’s Info

Mobility Focus: Hip Internal Rotation

Stability Goals: Single Leg Stance

Skill Work: Double Extension

Mindset: The Role of Resistance

WOD Programming Schedule (through September 9th)

  • Monday – Pliability
  • Tuesday – MetCon
  • Wednesday – Strength
  • Thursday – Pliability
  • Friday – MetCon
  • Saturday – Strength


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Health Tip

As we head back into our training cycles, we talked about breath and recovery the last 2 weeks.


Regulating your nervous system when working out frequently is crucial to prevent burnout, optimize performance, and ensure overall well-being. Here are the top 5 tips for achieving this:

Have Intentional Recovery Days: Integrate rest and recovery days into your workout routine. These days allow your nervous system to recalibrate and prevent overstimulation. Choose low-intensity activities like walking, gentle yoga, or meditation to promote relaxation and recovery.

Mind-Body Techniques: Incorporate mindfulness practices such as deep breathing, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation. These techniques can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and counteracts the stress response.

Variation and Periodization: We handle this part for you! Incorporate a mix of workout intensities and types to prevent chronic stress on your nervous system. Periodization, which involves planned variations in intensity and volume, can optimize your nervous system’s response to training.

Adequate Nutrition and Hydration: Proper nutrition supports your nervous system’s function. Ensure you’re consuming enough nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, to support recovery and overall health. Staying hydrated is also important, as dehydration can stress your nervous system. If you aren’t sure how to do this, schedule a 1:1 with Cassidi!

Quality Sleep: Sleep is a key factor in nervous system recovery. Aim for consistent, restful sleep by establishing a regular sleep schedule and creating a comfortable sleep environment. Prioritize sleep hygiene practices like avoiding screens before bedtime and maintaining a cool, dark room.

Remember, the goal is to find a balance between challenging workouts and providing your nervous system with the tools it needs to recover. If you notice symptoms of excessive fatigue, irritability, or disruptions in sleep, it’s a sign that your nervous system might be overtaxed. Listen to your body, make adjustments to your training program, and seek guidance from one of your coaches!!

Functional Medicine Corner

Mushrooms – these can provide some incredible flavor to a meal. But mushrooms have been used by many cultures for centuries, not only as a food source, but also because of their medicinal properties. There are many types of mushrooms that provide benefits, including turkey tail, reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps and shitake.

What can mushrooms do for our health?

  • Improve immune system response – Mushrooms can improve our body’s resistance to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections by working on regulating immune response and optimizing its protective capacity.
  • Provide vitamins and minerals – Potent nutrients such as zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, and potassium are found in relatively large quantities in many varieties of mushrooms.
  • Deliver beta-glucans, a powerhouse fiber – This soluble fiber has been shown to benefit the cardiovascular system as well as hormone health.
  • Support brain health – Studies reveal mushrooms seem to provide some protection from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

So how can you include these in your diet? Mushrooms can easily be added to an egg scramble or omelet as well as a salad. They are a fantastic addition to stir fry dishes, soups, and stews. To get the significant benefit from the beta glucans in mushrooms, it is best to eat them cooked, rather than raw. Green Box has some great mushroom options to try and enjoy!

There are more products available with mushrooms on the market in recent years as well. Coffee replacements such as Four Sigmatic or MUD/WTR are just two options. These not only serve as a reasonably rich replacement for your standard cup of coffee in the morning, but can also provide a blend of mushrooms to add some health benefits. Depending on the mushrooms used, some can provide energy, while others can calm later in the day. So consider mushrooms as a tasty supplement for improving your health!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – August

Hey Mindset family! It is a new month and that means it is time to highlight another amazing Mindset gym member for the month.

This August we are going to spotlight the positively infectious Nikki Miller!

Nikki has been one of our long-time gym members, and she truly embodies what it means to be positive, spirited, and kind!

Nikki brings an energy to our gym that is unmatched, and we are so grateful to have her as part of our fitness community. She is known to be a friend to many and is often one of the first people to welcome new members in class. That just goes to show you her heart–she is intentional in her relationships and makes people feel loved, appreciated, and seen!

We also want to note that Nikki’s dedication to her health and wellness journey is truly inspiring–she keeps pushing towards her own fitness goals and we love watching her PR! Nikki, we love you more than you know. Thank you for being a bright-spot in our universe!

Help us love on Nikki all month long!

Community Partners

Green Box: The Farmers’ Market in a Box from Of the Land!

Of the Land is a family and community farm that believes in the power of food and the beauty in sharing the nature that is around us. They provide organic faire, catering, and one of a kind wedding and event experiences. (And it is run by some pretty incredible human beings–Bridgett and Trent Blough!)

One of the great services Of the Land offers is their Green Box–otherwise referred to as the “Farmers’ Market in a Box!” The Green Box is a way to source locally grown produce, meats, eggs, dairy, kitchen staples, complete meals, and much more–all from the Of the Land farm and other local farmers, artisans and producers!

You can access the green box via the virtual marketplace here! In the growing season, they offer weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions–you can also do a one-time order as long as you have an order of at least $35!

Here is a great video to learn more about Of the Land and Green Box!


We are overjoyed to announce our partnership with MRC Artworks!

This is an incredible organization! Their mission is to encourage and support individuals living with a disability to achieve the fullest potential through employment, skill building, and active community involvement.

We have 14 pieces for sale! We will be collecting any sales then giving all the proceeds back to MRC. Artists will receive 75% commission on all sales!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location!


Another AMAZING partnership we are bringing to you is our very own local juicer – JuicyLeaf!

Come check them out at our office or at their downtown location or schedule a pick up at Mindset every Tuesday from 3-7pm! 

**Place your orders before NOON on SUNDAYS**

Does Juicy Leaf use organic fruits and vegetables?

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

  • The main difference is fiber. Most of the insoluble fiber is removed in the juicing process.
  • By taking the fiber out, you can pack more fruit & veggie nutrients into a juice than you can into a smoothie of the same size.
  • The lack of insoluble fiber allows your body to rapidly absorb the nutrients while expending minimal digestive effort.
  • Smoothies are made by pulverizing fruit/veggies with liquid in a blender. The insoluble fiber, which helps keep things moving through your system, is maintained in the process.

What are the benefits of juice?

  • Several servings of fruit & veg nutrition effortlessly absorbed without energy taxing digestion.
  • Easy way to incorporate more fruits and veg in diet than eating produce alone.
  • Boosts immunity and energy. Alkalizing, chronic illness prevention, helps aid in weight loss, clear skin, healthy hair.