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The Week of
Investing In Yourself

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: TGU 2
  • Skill Work: TGU 2
  • Mindset: Investing In Yourself

WOD Programming Schedule (thru January 28th, 2023)

  • Monday: Pliability

  • Tuesday: MetCon

  • Wednesday: Strength

  • Thursday: Pliability

  • Friday: MetCon

  • Saturday: Strength



When: February 3rd, 2023

Time: 5-9pm

Why: We want to celebrate all of our amazing members with a night of health, fun, movement and smiles!

Details: We will announce the mock elections, laugh, have music and dancing, games and eat yummy food from Glo Foods Eatery!!

The entire menu will be gluten-free and DELICIOUS!

Get your tickets HERE!

Are kids welcome? ABSOLUTELY!

We will have fun, dancing, games and toys for them to play with!

Bring the whole family!

Girl Scout Regional Program and Training Facility
601 W Maple St, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

It is BEAUTIFUL!! Check out these photos!

Lifestyle Redesign is BACK!

  • Meet us on Zoom Monday Mornings at 10:00 AM
  • Starting January 23rd through February 27 th

What is Lifestyle Redesign?

  • You are invited to join a new class, Lifestyle Redesign for Active Older Adults with Teri Olbrot, OTR, SYT.
  • Using the tools of preventative occupational therapy, we will explore strategies that teach us how to thrive in the era some call “second adulthood,” when we are healthy and active enough to pursue new goals, yet free of the encumbrances of careers and childrearing.
  • This is a six week class conveniently held on Zoom. We will cover six topics during our time together, including:
    • Healthy Aging
    • The Building Blocks of Longevity
    • Stress and Inflammation Management
    • Dining and Nutrition
    • Relationships, Hormones, and Sexuality
    • Time Management

Who is Teri Olbrot?

  • Teri Olbrot is an occupational therapist and yoga teacher who, upon retiring from a career in pediatrics, began taking courses in active aging and leadership. She earned credentials in Lifestyle Redesign for Active Older Adults and loves to share the course with her peers.
  • This class is for Mindset PT members and their partners or spouses. To receive the Zoom link, contact Teri at tolbrot@gmail.com or call/text her at 269-615-5297.

Dr. Ellen’s Health Tip

This week is all about investing in yourself! There are so many ways to do this — I like to simplify this into the following categories: Internal Investments and External Investments.

Internal investments are anything that improves my body, mind or soul. This could be hacking my sleep habits, learning nervous system regulation through a meditation course, my breathing practice during cold exposure sessions, working with Cassidi on Nutrition and more!

External investments are things like shoes that are right for my feet, a properly fitting sports bra, or even blackout curtains for my bedroom.

So I encourage you to first establish your goals for the year. Then consider the internal and external investments you can make in yourself to move toward these goals!

Functional Medicine Corner

We continue our discussion about electrolytes this week by considering what may affect levels of these minerals, and when we need to consider replacing them.

When we get nailed with a stomach bug and have significant vomiting, diarrhea or fevers and sweats, we can develop an acute loss of electrolytes such as chloride and potassium especially. These are times when drinking fluids that help to replace these minerals, such as Pedialyte, or drinking bone broth which provides several essential nutrients, can help our stomach settle and replenish what has recently been expunged.

There are also several medications such as some blood pressure meds as well as steroids and antibiotics that can create some mineral deficiencies. Significant hormone disruption such as thyroid or adrenal concerns can also contribute to imbalances. In some cases, supplementation is guided by prescribing providers, however watching for symptoms such as headaches, muscle spasms or cramps, insomnia and the other symptoms we discussed last week can help us determine whether we are imbalanced.

Do you know what else can deplete essential minerals? Our WODs! Working out, increasing our heart rate and building muscle leads to sweating. This can lead to some electrolyte loss when exercise is prolonged and/or frequent. Gatorade or electrolyte drinks are not just for football players on a warm September Saturday! Many of us who work out regularly should be aware of the importance of replenishing electrolytes.

Next week I’ll provide plenty of ideas for great dietary sources to help replace these essential electrolytes!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Stephanie Murphy

It is a new year and a new month–which means it is time for a new Mindset Member of the Month!

This January we are spotlighting the strong and soulful @stephanie.murphy.msw!

Stephanie–we admire your positive attitude, your down-to-earth nature, your smile, and your strength! We love having a MamaBear like you in our community! We feel the sunshine every time you are in class. Wishing you a great Member month and lots of love going into the new year!

Help us shower Stephanie with love this month!