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The Week of

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Hip ER
  • Stability Goals: Clam Series
  • Skill Work: Snatch
  • Mindset: Sustainability

WOD Programming Schedule (thru October 15th)

  • Monday: Strength
  • Tuesday: MetCon
  • Wednesday: Pliability
  • Thursday: Strength
  • Friday: MetCon
  • Saturday: Pliability


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End of the Year Happenings

  • November – Healthy Living Locally
    • See our second Spotlight below!
  • December – Celebrating YOU!
    • Be on the lookout for our mock elections!
  • January – Party Time!
    • We are planning a night of fun and celebrations! There will be food and fun so stay tuned for more details to come!


Week two of “Live Healthy & Support Local!” is all about Sorelle Creative Group!

Sorelle means ‘sisters’ in Italian. This is an apt name for Sorelle Creative Group (SCG), run by two sisters in southwest Michigan. A few years back, Jill and Liz took over the operation of their parents’ business, Print for Professionals, renaming it to something that honored their family’s Italian heritage. As a proud second generation, family-owned-and-operated business, the sisters strive to give exceptional, personal service to each client while finding the right mix of products to help each company or organization promote their brand.

Offering a diverse variety of services including printed business materials, promotional/swag products, and creative asset and brand development, their attention to quality and the passion for helping other businesses (especially female-owned) meet their goals is unparalleled. Jill and Liz are excited to be a fundamental part of their clients’ businesses and they endeavor to promote the successes of all businesses they partner with.

Recently the sisters opened a new division of their company, The Printed Event, to help brand social gatherings. Focusing on weddings, corporate events, showers and parties, The Printed Event helps couples and planners get the printed stationery and personalized gifts they need to craft a memorable experience for their guests. Wedding season is just around the corner, and they look forward to a very busy season in 2023!

Get to know Jill and Liz a little more! 

Also, check out some of their great designs–from business cards to classy event invites, swag and more! The Printed Event and Sorelle will not disappoint!

P.S. and if you didn’t already know, Jill is just one of the amazing members right in our very own Mindset community–we love you Jill! She also makes us look WAY good when it comes to SWAG!

Health Tip

Once you have decided to make a behavioral change that supports the goals you have identified, finding ways to make this change be sustainable will dramatically increase your chances of success. 

HERE is Tim Ferriss talking about these three strategies for creating lasting changes in your life:

  1. Do not to expect yourself to follow the new habit at all times
  2. Do not abandon your habit with failures
  3. One new habit at a time

Functional Medicine Corner

GREEN foods – these guys tend to be representatives for all things veggie! There are so many options, even outside of the verdant summer season. Green plants pack a powerful punch with some amazing anti-inflammatory benefits, and they can help to balance hormones. How can we include them more as the winter season approaches? We will discuss just a few options:

Cruciferous vegetables

  • Plants such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale contain powerful phytonutrients called glucosinolates.
  • These nutrients help us detoxify not only chemicals and other elements we are exposed to daily, but also hormones to maintain balance.
  • They also pack an enormous array of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • There are so many options to include these in our diets, including roasting them, adding them to a stir-fry, or steaming.
  • Kale chips can even serve as a super snack!

Avocado, olives/oil, lettuce

  • These greens provide phytosterols, which help to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol in our body.
  • This means including them in our diet regularly has some incredible cardioprotective affects!
  • So go ahead and add a few lettuce leaves and some sliced avocado or guac to your burger to gain these incredible benefits, and/or make sure you include a colorful side salad with your meal.

Green tea

  • Catechins – these are some of the nutrients that give this mildly bitter drink it’s superpower.
  • Adding just one cup of green tea daily has been shown to cut the risk of breast cancer in half!
  • There are so many flavor combinations available, or you can add your own ginger, lemon or honey to add more yum.

You can always toss spinach or left-over asparagus into your egg scramble, add leafy greens to a smoothie or even add fresh green herbs to meat dishes. Your body will thank you for including these nutrient powerhouses!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Carmen Johnson

Hey, hey Mindset fam–it is a new month and we have a new fiery member to spotlight this month! Raise your hands for Carmen Johnson this month–woot woot!


Carmen is a resistance band snapping, weight lifting powerhouse and we love her for her snappy personality. She has grown in her time with us and we love watching her PR and approaching goals with a positive attitude.


Help us love on her this month!