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The Week of
Reassessing Self

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Hip Extension
  • Stability Goals: Scapular / Thoracic
  • Skill Work: Clean and Press
  • Mindset: Reassessing Yourself

WOD Programming Schedule (thru October 15th)

  • Monday / Thursday: Strength
  • Tuesday / Friday: MetCon
  • Wednesday / Saturday: Pliability


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End of the Year Happenings

  • November – Healthy Living Locally
    • See our first Spotlight below!
  • December – Celebrating YOU!
    • Be on the lookout for our mock elections!
  • January – Party Time!
    • We are planning a night of fun and celebrations! There will be food and fun so stay tuned for more details to come!


We have a NEW face here at Mindset!!

  • We have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! 🥳🤩 We have another set of magical hands and genius joining our team–Nicole Arnott! ✨
  • We are beyond pumped to have her expertise on our team for all of our community massage needs.
  • With over 15 years of experience in Swedish and deep tissue massage, we are sure lucky to have her with us!
  • Be sure to buzz over to our website to read all about Nicole and book your first massage!!


For week one of “Live Healthy & Support Local!”, our spotlight is on Green Box: The Farmers Market in a Box from Of the Land!

Of the Land is a family and community farm that believes in the power of food and the beauty in sharing the nature that is around us. They provide organic faire, catering, and one-of-a-kind weddings and event experience. (And it is run by some pretty incredible human beings–Bridgett and Trent Blough!)

One of the great services Of the Land offers is their Green Box–otherwise referred to as the “Farmer’s Market in a Box!” The Green Box is a way to source locally grown produce, meats, eggs, dairy, kitchen staples, complete meals, and much more–all from the Of the Land farm and other local farmers, artisans and producers.

You can access the green box via the virtual marketplace here. In the growing season they offer weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions, and you can do a one-time order as long as you have an order of at least $35. This time of year, harvesting is slowing down but with that in mind Green Box has an exciting Harvest Menu that they are debuting.

Check out the online marketplace to order products and food for a special Thanksgiving delivery on 11/22. The online store will have a special selection of prepared foods, meat, meal kits, and produce between 11/14-11/18. Learn how to make a fancy galette with one of their meal kits that includes local produce, their homemade all butter pie dough, and a recipe to make your own Caramel Apple Galette or Butternut Squash Galette!

Green Box Market will also be open for a special Winter Solstice delivery on 12/21–the online store will have a selection of local artisan items, prepared foods, meat and produce between 11/28-12/15. Spoiler alert: Pasture-Raised Beef Brisket!

Here is a great video to learn more about Of the Land and Green Box!

Health Tip

Reassessing your life, your choices, your goals, your values… Phew! This can be a little overwhelming!

Many times we set goals but then forget about them or get distracted with life. The set ’em and forget ’em approach won’t get you where you want to be.

Check out this article to help you get back on track with your assessment strategies!

Functional Medicine Corner

We continue down our rainbow journey on this rivals football weekend with one of my favorite colors!

Lemon, pineapple, banana – these YELLOW foods provide some powerhouse nutrients that protect against cancer and are anti-inflammatory. Even starchy foods such as yellow potato and corn provide some benefits including nutrients that support the eyes, skin and brain.

The quality of these products as well as the way they are prepared can help to maximize their health benefits. Below are some meal and snack ideas as well as how they work for us:


  • This contains significant amounts of bromelain which helps to aid in digestion of food.
  • It also contains a powerful anti-inflammatory punch.
  • Add it to smoothies, fruit salads, shish-kabobs, or even pizza! It also serves as a fantastic dessert on its own.


  • This spice grows in the form of a root that can be found in the produce department.
  • It can be sliced, chopped, or grated to maximize its significant anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • This can be added to stir-fry or made into a tea with lemon to aid in digestion as well.
  • Or use powdered ginger to make a spice bread or cookie!

Corn or summer squash

  • These foods are high in lutein, which is concentrated in our retina, contributing to healthy vision.
  • This nutrient is best utilized when digested with healthy fats, so enjoying corn on the cob with butter helps us glean the most benefit.
  • Or consider sautéing summer squash in avocado oil and spices.

Apples and bananas

  • Add a nut butter as a dip or spread, and this provides a complete, energy-boosting snack with fiber, complex carbohydrates, and protein!

Don’t worry Sparty fans – green is next week!  😉

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Carmen Johnson

Hey, hey Mindset fam–it is a new month and we have a new fiery member to spotlight this month! Raise your hands for Carmen Johnson this month–woot woot!


Carmen is a resistance band snapping, weight lifting powerhouse and we love her for her snappy personality. She has grown in her time with us and we love watching her PR and approaching goals with a positive attitude.


Help us love on her this month!