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The Week of

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Shoulder / Thoracic Spine
  • Stability Goals: Shoulder 90-180 degrees
  • Skill Work: Hang Power Clean
  • Mindset: Reflection

WOD Programming Schedule (thru October 15th)

  • Monday / Thursday: Strength
  • Tuesday / Friday: MetCon
  • Wednesday: Pliability
  • Saturday: HALLOWEEN WOD!


We have a NEW face here at Mindset!!

  • We have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! 🥳🤩 We have another set of magical hands and genius joining our team–Nicole Arnott! ✨
  • We are beyond pumped to have her expertise on our team for all of our community massage needs.
  • With over 15 years of experience in Swedish and deep tissue massage, we are sure lucky to have her with us!
  • Be sure to buzz over to our website to read all about Nicole and book your first massage!!

2022 is almost over! How did that happen? Let’s end this year with a BANG!

  • October – Models and Mentors in Movement
    • This is the LAST WEEK to give away your 4 free classes to a friend, child, mentee, etc. for this month!
    • Contact Amanda (Amanda@MindsetPT.com) ASAP to sign up someone you love!
  • November – Healthy Living Locally
    • Make sure to watch our social media and newsletters showcasing amazing local partners and specialty options going into the holidays!
  • December – Celebrating YOU!
    • Be on the lookout for our mock elections!
  • January – Party Time!
    • We are planning a night of fun and celebrations! There will be food and fun so stay tuned for more details to come!


We have your holiday gifts and wishlists all taken care of!


Here is another little teaser of some of the designs coming your way!

Health Tip

In honor of our mindfulness goal this week, let’s dive into The Value of Self-Reflection.

In this thought-provoking speech, James Schmidt talks about the value of self-reflection and how to break our auto-pilot governed lives for a deeper understanding of life.

Functional Medicine Corner

Now that we have fully swung into the beauty of fall, let’s discuss what pumpkin and roasted squash can provide for us nutritionally as we indulge in our comfort foods this season.

ORANGE foods specifically help to protect the immune system as well as the eyes and skin. As with so many phytonutrients, they are also shown to decrease risk of heart disease and cancer.

How can we include them in our diet in a way that is also tasty? Let’s investigate some options:

Roasted Carrots

  • There are many recipes, such as these here, that allow us to savor the sweetness of carrots and truly get the nutritional benefits of one of its phytonutrients beta-carotene.
  • This nutrient turns into Vitamin A, which does everything from protecting our vision as well as supporting immune and bone health.
  • Cooking foods high in beta-carotene in natural fats such as olive or avocado oil helps us use this nutrient more completely and enhances their natural sweetness too!
Tropical fruit smoothies
  • Fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, peaches, and mango contain bioflavonoids, which work together with Vitamin C to help reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer as well as supporting skin and oral health.
  • To decrease the impact of the sugar in the fruit, add a protein such as yogurt or protein powder as well as flax or chia seed for added fiber. Here is a yummy option.

Add orange produce to snacks!

  • Add dried mango or apricots to trail mix, grab a clementine as an afternoon snack or make pumpkin energy balls.

General Recipes

  • Make easy substitutions or additions, such as switching out sweet potatoes or squash for white potato or adding turmeric to stir-fry or scrambled eggs.

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Barb Lupina

Hey there Mindset family–it is a new month and that means it is time to highlight another incredible Mindset member. This month we pull out the big OG guns with our very own Barb Lupina!

She is one of our OG Masters members and she is a kettlebell swinging, weight lifting, challenge-accepting powerhouse! We have been astonished by your enthusiasm for challenges and we admire how hard you have been working this year. Your balance, strength and attitude have all changed in a very beautiful way.

We love you more than you know Barb!