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The Week of
Doing Hard Things

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Shoulder @ 90 deg
  • Skill Work: Retro Lunge
  • Mindset: Doing Hard Things

WOD Programming Schedule (thru October 15th)

  • Monday: MetCon
  • Tuesday: Pliability
  • Wednesday: Strength
  • Thursday: MetCon
  • Friday: Pliability
  • Saturday: Strength


We heard you!

Julie Gandolfo, Vedic Meditation extraordinaire, will be in Michigan only until November so we are grabbing some time from her to bring you this course!

What is Vedic Meditation?

When is this course going to take place?

Click HERE to learn more and sign up!


2022 is almost over! How did that happen? Let’s end this year with a BANG!

  • October – Models and Mentors in Movement
    • We are giving you 4 free classes for a friend, child, mentee, etc. for this month!
    • That can be 4 sessions for 1 person, 1 session for 4 different people, 2 for 2 — you choose!
    • Contact Amanda (Amanda@MindsetPT.com) to sign up someone important to you!
  • November Healthy Living Locally
    • We will showcase some amazing local partners and specialty options going into the holidays!  More info next week!


Don’t forget about our Halloween WOD!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Oh, I forgot to mention…


Stay tuned…

Health Tip

Doing hard things makes you better in so many ways!


Check out this quick article from LifeHack.org to read about 8 reasons why you should continue to challenge yourself! Next week will talk about how you approach challenges you can’t do YET.

Functional Medicine Corner

In functional medicine, our goal is to address chronic health conditions with lifestyle interventions such as eating nutritiously, moving intentionally, and addressing stress resiliency to improve overall health.

New research released regarding intentional breath work and its response on blood pressure just gave us clear data that provides further support to the power of our own action in controlling our health destiny. This is important, as 47% of adults in the United States suffer from hypertension, or elevated blood pressure over 130 systolic (top blood pressure number) or 80 diastolic (bottom number).

As is detailed further in this article, researchers took volunteers aged 18-82 and had them breathe for 5 minutes a day into a breath-resistance device. They found that engaging in 30 breaths per day for just 6 weeks decreased systolic blood pressure by 9 points. A similar decrease is what we expect when patients take a blood pressure medication, showing that focusing intentionally on diaphragmatic breath can be as effective as taking a prescription! How important is a 9 point drop? This is correlated with a 35% reduction in stroke risk, and a 25% reduction for heart disease.

The lead researcher points out that using one of these devices is equivalent to engaging in cardiovascular activity, and that past research shows that regular abdominal breathing and meditation can have similar benefits. So keep breathing into your belly, keep moving intentionally, and know that you are making your heart and blood vessels happy!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Zoe Dekoff

Hey there Mindset community–we need your help! Check out our September Member of the Month, Zoe DeKoff! Help us celebrate her all month long. 💚🙌🥰

Zoe is a joy to have in the gym! Her attitude, spirit and calm presence lifts the mood of every WOD she attends. We love seeing her progress in her own goals and we admire how she has invested time in herself and movement with us. She has been a high achiever in our recent Summer of You challenge.

Zoe, we are amazed at how you have prioritized yourself! Keep up the great work–we are so proud of you! 😍

Help us shower Zoe with Mindset love and support this month!

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