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The Week of
Welcoming Challenges

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Rotator Cuff 0-90 Deg
  • Skill Work: Squat
  • Mindset: Welcoming Challenges

WOD Programming Schedule (thru October 15th)

  • Monday: MetCon
  • Tuesday: Pliability
  • Wednesday: Strength
  • Thursday: MetCon
  • Friday: Pliability
  • Saturday: Strength


Mindset’s Favorite Things…

  • For the home stretch of 2022, we are going to have some serious fun!
  • Plan on a new theme, lots of wisdom, giveaways and celebrations EVERY month!
  • October – Models and Mentors in Movement
    • We are giving you 4 free classes for a friend, child, mentee, etc. for this month!
    • That can be 4 sessions for 1 person, 1 session for 4 different people, 2 for 2 — you choose!
    • Contact Amanda (Amanda@MindsetPT.com) to sign up someone important to you!


Don’t forget about our Halloween WOD!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Health Tip

This week is about Welcoming Challenges!  

Viewing challenges as opportunities for a different path or personal growth is a way to reframe situations and reduce action-paralyzing fear responses. It creates empowerment and control!

HERE is probably my favorite video of all time and it is a GOOD reminder to approach adversity differently. Prepare yourself for chills…

Functional Medicine Corner

There is much in the news these days that I choose to skim over or ignore, largely to preserve my cortisol balance and sanity. However recently an article caught my eye that gave me joy and hope for our nation’s collective health future.

On September 28th, there will be a national conference on hunger, nutrition and health. This will be held in Washington DC and is free to the public with access virtually. The topics this conference will address include:

  1. Improving food access and affordability for all
  2. Integrating nutrition and health – food is medicine!
  3. Addressing the importance of physical activity – everyone needs WODs in their lives!
  4. Supporting food entrepreneurs and local farmers – like Of the Land, who supplies the amazing Green Boxes weekly!
  5. Enhancing nutrition and food security research

In this incredible community, we have all experienced the real benefits of how making daily choices regarding movement and food can make tangible differences in our overall health picture.

My hope is having a national stage for these important topics will spur more communities like this one, so we can decrease the incidence of chronic illness and improve overall health and happiness in our nation. Click on the links above for more information and how to get involved!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Zoe Dekoff

Hey there Mindset community–we need your help! Check out our September Member of the Month, Zoe DeKoff! Help us celebrate her all month long. 💚🙌🥰

Zoe is a joy to have in the gym! Her attitude, spirit and calm presence lifts the mood of every WOD she attends. We love seeing her progress in her own goals and we admire how she has invested time in herself and movement with us. She has been a high achiever in our recent Summer of You challenge.

Zoe, we are amazed at how you have prioritized yourself! Keep up the great work–we are so proud of you! 😍

Help us shower Zoe with Mindset love and support this month!

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