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The Week of
Balancing Stress Physiology

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Hip and Thoracic
  • Stability Goals: Shoulder 90-180 Degrees
  • Skill Work: Crawling
  • Mindset: Balancing Stress Physiology

WOD Programming Schedule (thru August 6th)

  • Monday: MetCon
  • Tuesday: Pliability
  • Wednesday: Strength
  • Thursday: MetCon
  • Friday: Pliability
  • Saturday: Strength


Summer of YOU Challenge

  • Wahoo! Next week is going to be so NEAT 🙂
  • Get your WEEK 3 tracking info to Amanda by MONDAY!!!! You can drop them off or email them in! (Amanda@MindsetPT.com)

**Attention Masters Members!**

  • We heard you! HERE is your link to register for our Masters Nutrition Course!
  • The course will be Fridays 9:30-10am starting Sept 9th thru Oct 14th!
  • Topics will include anatomy, physiology, macronutrient / micronutrient education and more!
  • BUDDY DISCOUNT ALERT! This course is open to the public so bring a non-member friend and you both get 10% off!

Masters Class Openings!

  • We have a few openings left in our Masters Classes! Do you know of anyone who would want to come move with us? Who wants to work on their strength, stability and balance?
  • Reach out to Amanda with any questions or recommendations!

Pause Requests

  • Thank you everyone for using the online Pause Form for those pesky illnesses, etc. That is so helpful for tracking for us!
  • Just remember to fill out the request as soon as you can because our system will not allow us to retroactive these requests.

Want to clean out your closet for a good cause? 

  • We are excited to announce that we will be a donation site for the 6th Annual “It’s in the Bag” Purse Sale Fundraiser hosted by the Friends of the Portage Senior Center.
  • The Friends are currently seeking donations of gently used, name-brand handbags, purses, jewelry and scarves to go toward sale. We will be hosting a collection bin in our foyer for the next few weeks for drop-off donations!
  • Check out the link above for more information on the day-of sale! We also invite you to check out the Friends of the Portage Senior Center of Facebook! 
  • The Friends of the Portage Senior Center is a non-profit that provides an annual gift to the new Portage Community Senior Center. The City of Portage contributes approximately 20% of the Senior Center operating funds to programming. Thus, it is necessary for the Friends to raise funds for continued support in the center’s membership scholarships, programming, and special events.
  • If you have any questions about the event or donating, feel free to connect with Amanda at amanda@mindsetpt.com!

Health Tip

Now that you know humans are meant to interact to stimulus, how do you master your ability to respond? Consider the term “Emotional Agility.” This is defined as the ability to be flexible with thoughts and feelings in order to have an optimal response to the many different situations you find yourself in every day.

Defining emotional agility isn’t difficult, but putting it into practice may be more complicated.

HERE is a 2-minute video about what it is and a few short strategies for building this skill.

  • Recognize emotions
  • Accept your emotions

All of this feeds into the complex world of taking control of your life, advancing your personal experience, and therefore optimizing your physiology!

Functional Medicine Corner

Did you know that our GI tract serves as a home for over 100 trillion microorganisms?

These largely consist of a variety of different bacteria, however yeast or fungi, viruses, and sometimes even a few parasites can reside in our gut as well. In total, these organisms likely weigh at least 6 pounds on their own.

Over the past several years, research is beginning to truly uncover some of the ways our body not only communicates but truly relies on these bugs to help our body optimally function.

There is good indication that our gut microbiome affects the way our body metabolizes significantly. The combination of bacteria we house can:

  • affect the way our blood sugar is regulated
  • contribute to cholesterol and amino acid regulation or creation
  • create short chain fatty acids, which in turn nourish and keep our colon cells healthy
  • aid in the creation of certain vitamins, especially Vitamin K
  • regulate immune function and “training”
  • prevent overgrowth of harmful organisms, and….
  • keep us pooping regularly!

Every single person’s gut microbiome is unique, however at times if the balance of “good” and “less desirable” organisms gets tipped in the wrong direction, this creates what we call dysbiosis.

Often this can lead to GI symptoms, but because of the many jobs our bacteria have that were just mentioned above, this can contribute significantly to many other health symptoms and conditions. This is why one of my mantras is “it all begins with the gut!”

Thankfully, there is so much we can do to restore optimal residents in the internal apartment building that is our intestines.

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Nicole Asher


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