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The Week of
Developing Resilience

This Week’s Info

  • Mobility Focus: Hip Internal Rotation
  • Stability Goals: Single Limb Stance
  • Skill Work: Double Extension
  • Mindset: Developing Resilience

WOD Programming Schedule

  • Monday: Pliability
  • Tuesday: Strength
  • Wednesday: MetCon
  • Thursday: Pliability
  • Friday: Strength
  • Saturday: MetCon



  • We have created a 6-week Member Challenge to put a little “pep-in-your-step” and engage in a friendly competition for the summer!
  • Starting July 11th, EVERYONE has a chance to win!!!!
  • It is all about THE POINTS! You will get points for things such as tracking your food, drinking water, attending workouts, bringing a friend, sweaty selfies and more!!
  • HERE are ALL the details!
  • Tracking forms can be found HERE and need to be turned in weekly!
  • Other perks of the challenge: Improved self-love, self-compassion, and self-care. Sounds pretty good, right? If this sounds like it is for you, read on!
  • Sign up HERE or through your Push Press App to join the fun!

Pause Request Form

  • In an effort to streamline and review Pause requests, please use THIS form to let us know of any illnesses or injuries!
  • Please remember, to help you continue your fitness and health goals during vacations and travel, we have our EXTENSIVE Virtual WODs for your convenience!
  • Password: LYMTYK

Summer Courses are OPEN!  Register yourself or your loved ones ASAP!  Spots are filling up!

  • MamaBear 
    • Afternoon session available!
  • Athena  
    • Session 2 is almost full!

Deep Self & Nutrition Coaching Now Available!

  • HERE is more information about this amazing program!
  • Please contact Amanda (amanda@mindsetpt.com) if you are interested in upgrading your plan to include nutritional coaching!

Concert in the Corners!

  • Mark your calendars for July 9th! Your Mindset Team will be participating in this Texas Corners event! Come and have fun with us and listen to some fun tunes to celebrate the summer!

Health Tip

RESILIENCE according to The Mayo Clinic:
“Resilience means being able to adapt to life’s misfortunes and setbacks.”

When thinking about your personal responses to “life’s misfortunes and setbacks”, I want you to rename this as stress or threat.

Stresses / threats are things that challenge your perception of safety physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

So if you want to develop resilience, it could benefit you to look at your current responses to threats and stress. What do you do currently? Read through these four common ways that our nervous system uses and see how you might use these.

Please Note: There is no RIGHT or WRONG here. In addition, the reasons WHY you respond the way you do involve your personal history of implicit bias, trauma, etc.
Therefore, to dive into this personally, we highly recommend a trained mental health provider. Please reach out if you need assistance connecting with skilled providers! 

Functional Medicine Corner

Of all the super foods available, there is arguably one that provides the most comprehensive benefit to our body overall – bone broth! This nutrient-dense substance has been getting more publicity over the last few years as a gut-healing, mineral boosting, flavorful addition to meals, or a beverage to sip on its own. What benefits can we glean from including this somewhat regularly in our diet?

High in vitamins and minerals

  • When we cook bones and cartilage in water for long periods of time, they slowly release minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin are also released from the cartilage, and marrow in the bones releases zinc, omega 3s and vitamin A.
  • In addition, collagen is released, which serves as a building block for our bones, cartilage, and skin as well!

Source of glutamine

  • Glutamine is a primary amino acid, or a protein building block that we must get from our diet.
  • This nutrient is essential in helping to heal the gut lining or provide support for a healthy gut.
  • This can be especially helpful for patients with IBS, Crohn’s disease, or ulcers.
  • Glutamine also helps to speed up muscle recovery after a hard workout!

Provides anti-inflammatory support

  • This is due to the presence of amino acids such as arginine and glycine alone.

Support for joint health

  • All the elements we get from drinking bone broth turn around and support our own bone, cartilage, and ligament health.

May improve sleep and brain function

  • Glycine delivered alone has been shown to help patients fall asleep faster and achieve more deep sleep through the night.
  • Sipping on a warm mug of bone broth in the evening may provide some similar benefits.

There are now several options for buying bone broth pre-made at the store, but you can also make this on your own! We will discuss this next week!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP

Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – June

This month we spotlight the wonderful Debbie Betz as our Mindset Member of the Month!

Debbie has an infectious disposition and her smile can influence a room. She embraces change and has the positive attitude to go with it. She is not one to shy away from a challenge–nor meeting new friends!

We admire her energy and tenacity for trying new things and meeting new people! We are delighted to have her in not just Masters classes, but also regular workouts. Thanks Debbie for being such an energetic member and for always being YOU! #weloveyoumorethanyouknow