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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Decade Workouts!
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Global
  • Skill work: Have Fun!

WOD Programming Schedule

  • New Schedule
    • Decade Week starts MONDAY!
    • Staff Week starts May 16th
    • Member Week starts May 23rd
    • Assessment Week starts May 30th


  • Shoe Reminder
    • With the muddy spring we have been having, please remember to bring fresh clean shoes to your workouts! Our fancy floor and staff appreciate this more than you know!
  • Summer Courses are OPEN!
  • Deep Self & Nutrition Coaching Now Available!
    • HERE is more information about this amazing program!
    • Please contact Amanda (amanda@mindsetpt.com) if you are interested in upgrading your plan to include nutritional coaching!

Health Tip

Want to nerd out with us? Check out this somewhat lengthy but incredible PODCAST from Dr. Andrew Huberman about exercise! Learn more about why we do what we do here at Mindset and the rationale behind the importance of breathing for nervous system regulation!

Functional Medicine Corner

Last week we discussed the importance of Vitamin D in bone and immune system health alone. But how do we ensure we get enough of this, especially during the months of December through February when the sun is a rare commodity in this beautiful northern state?

  1. Supplementation with Vitamin D during the winter is often helpful for those of us living in cold climates. We can get small amounts of Vitamin D in fortified foods such as dairy products, and in certain fish like trout, salmon and sardines. However, the amounts in these foods are often low, so relying on food sources alone is difficult.
    Cod liver oil is one form of supplementation that not only provides Vitamin D but also omega 3 fats such as DHA and EPA, Vitamin A and E. Otherwise, Vitamin D-3 is the best form of supplementation to find, as this tends to work more quickly to increase blood levels. And finding a supplement with Vitamin K2 in it as well helps to further increase absorption. In winter months, many of us would benefit from 2000 IU capsules daily.
  2. Sun!! The best way to get Vitamin D is through UV exposure. You do not need to bake in the sun for hours on end – just 5-30 minutes of direct sunlight on arms and legs alone, ideally daily, but even a couple of times a week can boost Vitamin D substantially. Sunlight through windows does not provide this benefit, and sunscreen also blocks Vitamin D synthesis. This is not to say that sunscreen isn’t still incredibly important! If you are spending the day outside, ideally try to get sun exposure for 20 minutes or so without sunscreen protection, and then promptly apply sunscreen for the rest of the day. So go outside and enjoy some sunshine this weekend and next week – mother nature is (hopefully) providing us with plenty of it! And Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP

Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – May

It is a new month which means it is time to highlight yet another one of our incredible members. This month of May, we are spotlighting the amazing Michelle Bosch!

She packs quite the power and she can curl those dumbbells with the best of ’em! We are so happy to have your energy and smile in our classes and we would miss morning workouts without you.

We love you more than you know Michelle!

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