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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Attention – Specifically to your Breathing!
  • Mobility Focus: TS / Neck
  • Stability Goals: Mermaid
  • Skill work: Runner’s Pose / Step Up Pattern

WOD Programming Schedule (thru Feb 26th)

  • Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Saturday: MetCon & Strength
  • Tuesday / Friday: Pliability
  • Upcoming Programming:
    • Feb 28th – March 5th: Movie Week
    • March 7th – 12th: Assessment Week


  • ’22 Courses:
    • Spring MamaBear 101 early registration is now OPEN for members and their loved ones!
      • When: Wednesdays @ 7-8:30pm
      • Dates: April 6 – May 25
      • Early Bird Access: Register HERE ASAP (only 6 spots left!)
      • MamaBear 102 coming Fall 2022!
    • Athena is Back!
      • Allyson and Cassidi will be teaming up to offer 2 Athena sessions this summer! More info to come next week!
    • Member Highlight!
      • Our very own Ashley Trieu, licensed counselor and masters-level psychologist, is offering a course on parenting using the latest and greatest research in neuroscience!
      • March 19th @ 11am-12:30pm
      • Early Bird Registration HERE for only $15!

Health Tip

Here is a quick 5-minute video from Stanford Neurobiologist, Andrew Huberman, describing the Physiological Sigh. He talks about what it is, what it does and how to do it. This is a real-time application that you can do to reduce stress and improve your physiology. Check it out!!

Bonus points if you catch the section on how breathing affects heart rate variability, which we spoke about last week!

Functional Medicine Corner

Welcome to a new section of the newsletter! Here we will address the many ways we can optimize health further by focusing on lifestyle, nutrition and gut health.  

We’ve been discussing the importance of our beneficial bacteria in supporting our immune health, as around 70% of the immune system is in the gut.  However, that is just one of many aspects of our health that our bacteria are influencing constantly. 

So, what are they doing? To continue the conversation from last week…

  • Protecting our bodies
    • While our good gut bacteria reside in our intestines, they protect the intestinal cells from damage by producing short chain fatty acids that help to nourish those cells.
    • This means the cells can continue to provide a healthy barrier between our own body and many elements to which our bodies are exposed that can cause damage.
    • If the starved epithelium breaks down, then bacteria, toxins and food products pass through and trigger an immune system response.
    • This can lead to several inflammatory conditions, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and autoimmune conditions
  • Affects metabolism
    • There are many studies that have definitively shown that microbiome composition alone has some effect on whether we store or utilize our nutrients.
    • Generally, those with increased diversity and bacterial numbers tend to have improved metabolism. 
  • Gut /Gene connection
    • Our bacteria are constantly in communication with not only our brain, but the genes we acquire from our parents.
    • Who is living inside of us can affect how those genes work inside of our bodies.
    • And when bacterial populations shift, so can the way our genes are interpreted.

These are just a few reasons why it is so important to take good care of our microbe residents!  our gut and body will thank you!

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP

Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – February

Allow me to introduce Deb Imbrock! We are blessed to have this soul in our community. She is so kind to everyone and sees them for who they truly are.  Her smile and laugh are infectious and brighten the world around her!

Besides being one amazing human, she happens to know how to move a bunch of heavy things! We love you more than you know, Deb!!

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