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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Goal Review
  • Mobility Focus: Hip External Rotation
  • Stability Goals: Hip Closed Kinetic Chain
  • Skill work: Squat Variations

WOD Programming Schedule (thru Feb 26th)

  • Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Saturday: MetCon & Strength
    • Oh yeah… get ready for a MetCon and Strength Mash Up…
  • Tuesday / Friday: Pliability


  • Footwear
    • This is a gentle reminder to bring clean shoes to wear on the fancy rubber flooring. The salt really eats away at the floor so we would GREATLY appreciate it if you can make sure you have shoes that are clean and dry before you get after your workouts!
  • New in ’22:
    • Cassidi’s Core Course!
      • When: Feb 15th @ 5:30pm
      • Where: Mindset Gym
      • What: She is going to do an in-depth dive into what exactly the core is, how it works, how to breathe and how to properly activate to protect your back!
      • 7 spots left so book your spot today!
      • Members get 25% off with discount code member-course-discount!
    • Access to Staff Schedules!

Health Tip

Over the last few weeks, we talked about The Compound Effect and how CHOICES affect this!

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference

So now, how do we modify our choices, behaviors, and habits?


Step #1 – AWARENESS (see last week)




Did you know you are constantly being influenced all day?! Yup, you are. And it isn’t just McDonald’s billboards on I-94. There are three types of influences:

  1. A) Input 
  2. B) Associations
  3. C) Environment

Let’s just start with Input for today. This is what you feed your body, mind and soul.

Think of it this way: Garbage In = Garbage Out.

What you put in your mouth really matters. If you want your body to perform the way you desire without pain or inflammation, then this REALLY matters.

What you SEE and HEAR really matters. If you want to become a more positive person, fill your mind and soul with positive, inspirational and supporting ideas.

So set up your personal “Junk Filter.” Decide as things come into your life if they should be put in your Junk Folder or Meaningful Folder. Better yet, be proactive and seek out ways to fill your Meaningful Folder and avoid things that fill your Junk Folder.

Next week… B and C on this list… More good stuff to come!

*NEW* Functional Medicine Corner

Welcome to a new section of the newsletter! Here we will address the many ways we can optimize health further by focusing on lifestyle, nutrition and gut health.  

Last week, we discussed the importance of fostering our gut microbiome when considering the health of our immune system. But how do we do that? 

This is Part 3 in our series about the main ways to directly increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Working on addressing at least one, if not all three, can be incredibly helpful in sustaining your gut microbiome so that it may help you as optimally as possible. 

PART 3:  Play in and eat dirt!

OK – don’t ACTUALLY eat dirt, but when we eat vegetables and fruits that have just been harvested from the garden or farm, we are ingesting beneficial bacteria that come from the soil. So having your own garden, frequenting the farmer’s market or finding a CSA and ingesting local produce can help to support the microbiome while eating incredibly fresh food! Also, being in nature or playing in the dirt, whether it be gardening, playing in the grass, spending time in the woods – those activities also expose our skin, our lungs and our gut to beneficial bacteria from nature. Not to mention the additional benefits we reap from spending time outdoors.

Next week – prebiotics! Because we want to make sure the beneficial bacteria want to stick around for a while…  😉

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP

Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – February

Allow me to introduce Deb Imbrock! We are blessed to have this soul in our community. She is so kind to everyone and sees them for who they truly are.  Her smile and laugh are infectious and brighten the world around her!

Besides being one amazing human, she happens to know how to move a bunch of heavy things! We love you more than you know, Deb!!

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