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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Making Memories
  • Mobility Focus: Full Triplanar Shoulder
  • Stability Goals: Full Triplanar Shoulder
  • Skill work: Front Line Pulls

WOD Programming Schedule (thru January 29th)

  • Monday / Friday: MetCon
  • Tuesday / Thursday: Strength
  • Wednesday / Saturday: Pliability


  • New in ’22:
    • Cassidi’s Core Course!
      • When: Feb 15th @ 5:30pm
      • Where: Mindset Gym
      • What: She is going to do an in-depth dive into what exactly the core is, how it works, how to breathe and how to properly activate to protect your back!
      • 10 spots left so book your spot today!
      • Members get 25% off with discount code member-course-discount!
    • Staff Schedules Access!

Health Tip

Over the last few weeks, we talked about The Compound Effect and how CHOICES affect this!

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference

So now, how do we modify our choices, behaviors, and habits?

Remember this:


Step #1 – AWARENESS (see last week)



When I coach clients, I usually have them end their day with one question. Did you move toward or away from your goals today? The first step to being able to answer that question is awareness of your specific, measurable goals, then being aware of the choices you make every day toward or away from those goals. One consistent and proven strategy for this is tracking.

Becoming very conscious of your choices and seeing patterns on paper can be very powerful! Sounds simple, right? Jim Rohn says, “What’s simple to do is also simple not to do.” The magic isn’t in the complexity, it is in the consistency.

Try tracking one habit that contributes to achieving one goal you have. Do this consistently for three weeks. When you track with this awareness, you will find yourself showing up to your life differently.

“What gets measured gets managed.”

– Peter Drucker

“The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not.”

– Darren Hardy

Next week… HABITS, then INFLUENCES… More good stuff to come!

*NEW* Functional Medicine Corner

Welcome to a new section of the newsletter! Here we will address the many ways we can optimize health further by focusing on lifestyle, nutrition and gut health.

Last week, we discussed the importance of fostering our gut microbiome when considering the health of our immune system. But how do we do that?

This is Part 2 in our series about the main ways to directly increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Working on addressing at least one, if not all three, can be incredibly helpful in sustaining your gut microbiome so that it may help you as optimally as possible.

PART 2:  Include probiotic foods and beverages in our diet 

We’re not just talking about yogurt! (Although good quality forms with low sugar content are wonderful options!) There is also kefir, or what my kids used to call “drinking yogurt”, as well as kombucha as beverage options. Fermented sauerkraut, made with only cabbage, salt, and other herbs and spices can also provide diverse bacterial content AND add flavor to many meals or dishes. There are several products available in stores, however you can also have fun and make your own probiotic foods – experiment by making your own fermented vegetables!


– Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP

Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – January

Allow me to introduce NANCY KOTARSKI! You will usually find Nancy rocking out with the 4:30pm or 6pm crew. She brings laughter and joy, and a seriously whitty perspective on life. We love having her around and she makes everyone around her better! Look at this ROOT! We love you more than you know!

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