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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Value Every Single Day
  • Mobility Focus: Shoulder / TS 90-140 deg
  • Stability Goals: Shoulder / Rotator Cuff 90-140 deg
  • Skill work: Pull

WOD Programming Schedule (thru January 29th)

  • Monday / Friday: MetCon
  • Tuesday / Thursday: Strength
  • Wednesday / Saturday: Pliability


  • Upcoming Course Alert!
    • MAMABear has ONE SPOT LEFT!
    • Mary-Katherine will be leading this next crew and improving this course in ways we couldn’t have dreamed!
    • This course can seriously change a life. Please pass this along to any mom ANYWHERE along the motherhood journey.
  • We always want to hear from you!
    • Amanda is seeking 3 volunteers to give testimonials about your experience with us! We would love to learn how we can improve your experience and better support you on your journey!
    • Email Amanda@mindsetpt.com today!
  • New in ’22:
    • Cassidi’s Core Course!
      • When: Feb 15th @ 5:30pm
      • Where: Mindset Gym
      • What: She is going to do an in-depth dive into what exactly the core is, how it works, how to breathe and how to properly activate to protect your back!
      • 15 people only so book your spot today!
      • Members get 25% off with discount code member-course-discount to get your member discount!
    • Want more 1:1 time with your coaches? 
      • Want undivided attention with individualized feedback for any of your power lifts?  
      • Want to have your movements analyzed with a trained eye and even video software? 
      • Do you want any customized core work for home?  
      • If so, schedule a 1:1 session with Cassidi TODAY! 
    • Intern Alert!
      • Please help me welcome Sierra Sawall! She is an Exercise Physiology student at WMU who will be with us for the next few months for her final internship!
      • Sierra was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. While at Western Michigan University, Sierra founded Gold Competitive Dance and is currently the President of the Club. Also, she is the Vice President for the Sports Club Council, which oversees all club sports teams of 900 students.
      • Sierra is certified in CPR, first aid, and concussions in sports. She is an Acrobatic Arts certified teacher and Progressing Ballet Technique certified.
      • When Sierra is not at school, she is a competitive dance coach at Mosaic Dance Center. She loves working with her students and watching them grow in their dance abilities, as well as growing as individuals!

Health Tip

Last week, we talked about The Compound Effect and how CHOICES affect this!

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference
So now, how do we change our choices?
The first step – AWARENESS. As long as you continue to make choices unconsciously, you can’t consciously change your ineffective behaviors.
Write down all the actions you do that steer you away from your particular goal. Then write down all the actions that redirect you toward your goal. Which actions are you practicing the most?
We are all self-made men and women! So take credit, take complete ownership and become the person you have always wanted to be.

*NEW* Functional Medicine Corner

Welcome to a new section of the newsletter! Here we will address the many ways we can optimize health further by focusing on lifestyle, nutrition and gut health.  

As we continue to figure out how to protect ourselves from the multiple viruses we are exposed to during the winter months, we are all looking at ways to boost our immune system. Did you know that up to 70-80% of the immune system resides inside of the gut??  

SO…In order to ensure that our immune system is ready to attack whatever nasty bugs we encounter, we need to address the health of our GI tract as well. (And remember – our immune system also manages inflammation, allergic response and even autoimmune disease in addition to protecting us from outside pathogens.)  

What can we do? The answer is complex, but one aspect that needs to be addressed is the microbiome. The beneficial bacteria inside of our gut communicate with our immune system in several ways to keep it running optimally. And our bacteria can be distorted over time due to repeated exposure to antibiotics, chemicals, even stress! Thankfully we can work to rebuild a beneficial bacterial army inside of our gut by taking good quality probiotics, as well as eating probiotic foods and providing those guys with optimal fuel.  

Stay tuned next week for more details on what to look for when trying to replenish your gut army! 

– Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP

Member of the Month – January

Allow me to introduce NANCY KOTARSKI! You will usually find Nancy rocking out with the 4:30pm crew (and keeping Greg in line!). She brings laughter and joy, and a seriously whitty perspective on life. We love having her around and she makes everyone around her better! Look at this ROOT! We love you more than you know!

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