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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Fresh Start Mindset
  • Mobility Focus: Shoulder / TS 0-90 deg
  • Stability Goals: Shoulder / Rotator Cuff 0-90 deg
  • Skill work: Push 1

WOD Programming Schedule (thru January 29th)

    • Monday / Friday: MetCon
    • Tuesday / Thursday: Strength
    • Wednesday / Saturday: Pliability


    • The winners are as follows:
      • $25 gift card for anything in our store: KIM PHILLIPS
      • Car magnet: JACLYN SCHMIDT
      • Fit3D Body scan (Your initial baseline and one re-test are included with 3/6/12 month General Memberships.) – BARB LUPINA!
  • Upcoming Course Alert!
    • MAMABear  is now open and starts January 19th!
    • Mary-Katherine will be leading this next crew and improving this course in ways we couldn’t have dreamed!
    • This course can seriously change a life. Please pass this along to any mom ANYWHERE along the motherhood journey.
  • New in ’22:
    • Continued small classes of 8-10 people!
    • Coaches will now check you in!
    • New sound system!
    • More movement education!
    • Nutritional coaching with Dr. Ellen starting June!
    • Personal training opportunities with Cassidi!
    • New courses coming soon!!

Health Tip

Last week, we talked about The Compound Effect:
Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference
This week, let’s highlight how CHOICES interplay with The Compound Effect!
Your life is made up of the accumulation of the choices you make. Choices are the root of your successes and failures. Every choice begins with a behavior. That behavior repeated over time becomes a habit.
You make your choices and your choices will make you.

Member of the Month – January

Allow me to introduce NANCY KOTARSKI! You will usually find Nancy rocking out with the 4:30pm crew (and keeping Greg in line!). She brings laughter and joy, and a seriously whitty perspective on life. We love having her around and she makes everyone around her better! Look at this ROOT! We love you more than you know!

COVID Policy Updates

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