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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Your Body is Your House
  • Mobility Focus: Shoulder / Thoracic Spine
  • Stability Goals: Scapular Control 0-90 deg
  • Skill work: Diagonal Chops

WOD Programming Schedule (thru Oct 30th)

  • Monday/Thursday – MetCon
  • Tuesday/Friday Pliability
  • Wednesday/Saturday – Strength


1) Register for the Self Defense Course ASAP! 
  • November 5th and 12th from 5:30p-8:30pm each night
  • Registration is open early to members HERE for only a couple more days!
2) New Courses!
  • We are doing our MOVE90 Series again for the last 90 days of 2021!  End this year on YOUR terms by walking or jogging 1 mile each day for the last 90 days of this year! Contact Amanda (amanda@mindsetpt.com) to join today!
  • Better Runner – The next course begins October 8th. We will have an AMAZING guest instructor, Daniel Shugars! He has completed 18 marathons, including Boston, and is a 6-time USAT (USA Triathlon) All American, 4-time Team USA member, former USAT Coach and placed second in the Duathlon World Championship! Come learn from the best – more information and registration HERE.
  • Many of you are now lifting heavier than you ever have before! We are so proud of your progression! As you get higher into certain movements like the deadlift, grip strength can be an issue. We have ordered a couple wrist straps for people to try in the coming weeks but if you would prefer to have your own, check the link above!

Health Tip

The New York Times recently ran an article called “Why Exercise is More Important Than Weight Loss for a Longer Life.” You can create a free account through the NYTimes to view it through the link but let me highlight some of the main points for you!
The article referenced this study/review and many others which looked at the question of whether weight loss should be at the center for the focus. It was found that working on your fitness more than weight loss was the greatest benefit for overall health and a longer life.
As we all know, a person can do some VERY unhealthy things to achieve certain goals on the scale. That is the main reason we don’t measure weight loss nor focus our approach on this outcome here at Mindset. Our hope for you is to achieve a healthy lifestyle and deeper relationship with yourself!

Member of the Month – October

Andrea Sanada is one of our original members! She brings a joyful light with a sprinkle of smart sarcasm to any room she enters! She is a fierce MamaBear with two beautiful littles at home, and is a true competitor and rigid with her technique! She is a big fan of MetCon and Strength days so try to catch a workout with her if you want to see how a mic drop is truly done.

COVID Policy Updates

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