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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Staff Week!
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Global
  • Skill work: ALL!

WOD Programming Schedule

  • Monday – “The Ellen”
  • Tuesday – “The Mary-Katherine”
  • Wednesday – “The Cassidi”
  • Thursday – “The Jeremy”
  • Friday “The Allyson”
  • Saturday – “The Amanda”
  • Assessment Week is next week!


1) The Self Defense course is coming back by popular demand! 
  • November 5th and 12th from 5:30p-8:30pm each night
  • Registration will open early to members in the next newsletter!
2) Noah is BACK!
  • Noah, one of our amazing summer interns from Alma College, is coming back to town! He plays football at Alma and will be returning to play Kalamazoo College on October 9th! He would love to see you at the game!  HERE is more information about tickets and game day information.
3) New Courses!
  • Better Runner – The next course begins October 8th. We will have an AMAZING guest instructor, Daniel Shugars! He has completed 18 marathons, including Boston! He is a 6-time USAT (USA Triathlon) All American, 4-time Team USA member, former USAT Coach and placed second in the Duathlon World Championship! Come learn from the best – more information and registration HERE!

Health Tip

Did you know you have 5 different types of brain waves? They each have a different purpose and correlate to varying aspects of your physiology. Here is a quick summary:
  • Delta brain waves are the slowest brain waves. They are generated in deep meditation and dreamless sleep. Healing and regeneration occur when the brain is in this state.
  • Theta waves also occur in sleep and during relaxation. They are indicative of an inner focus, and dreams and vivid imagery occur in this state.
  • Alpha waves occur during quiet, thoughtful times. Alpha waves indicate that the brain is in a resting state.
  • Beta waves are the most common pattern in the normal waking state. They occur when one is alert and focused on problem solving.
  • Gamma brain waves are the fastest and are associated with higher levels of consciousness.
Try out these links to see if adding specific brain wave music changes your day:

Member of the Month – September

Therese Searles is one of the original members of Mindset.  She is known for her precision and must-finish attitude.  She is a hard-core rise-n-grind 5:30am crew member that consistently brings her best.  Therese is also known to be a team player, always helping to enhance the experiences of others.  We are so blessed to have her be a pillar in our community! 
COVID Policy Updates
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