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This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Invest in Yourself
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Turkish Get Up
  • Skill work: Turkish Get Up

WOD Programming Schedule (thru Sept 11th)

  • Monday/Thursday – Strength
  • Tuesday/Friday Pliability
  • Wednesday/Saturday – MetCon


1) Let’s welcome our new Front Office Coordinator, Amanda Willer!  
  • Amanda is starting with us TOMORROW and we couldn’t be more excited! She will be handling account management, scheduling, client experience and overall company development.
  • She can be reached at Amanda@MindsetPT.com. Send her some love and welcome her to our crazy crew!
2) Barre Class addition!
  • NOW the Monday 4:30pm WOD will be another Barre Class due to popular demand!
3) New Courses!
  • MamaBear – We are full!
  • Better Runner – The next course begins October 8th. We will have an AMAZING guest instructor, Daniel Shugars!  He has completed 18 marathons, including Boston! He is a 6-time USAT (USA Triathlon) All American, 4-time Team USA member, former USAT Coach and placed second in the Duathlon World Championship! Come learn from the best – more information and registration HERE!
4) FPA / Fit3D Results
  • Thank you for your patience as Dr. Ellen gets through all of these!

Health Tip

The starting quote says it all. The best investment you can make is in yourself.  You control your outcome and opportunity for success.
In an effort to continue to promote and support your self investment, we are bringing Julie Gandolfo from Wave of Bliss Meditation the last weekend in September to instruct a Vedic Meditation Course. To gauge interest, please click HERE if you are interested. More details to come in a separate email this week.
Dates / Times:
– Session 1: Friday Sept 24th @ 6:00-7:30pm
– Session 2: Saturday Sept 25th @ 12:00-1:30pm
– Session 3: Sunday Sept 26th @ 12:00-1:30pm
– Session 4: Monday Sept 27th @ 7-8pm via Zoom
Vedic Meditation is an effortless, natural, and powerful style of meditation. It is a silent eyes-closed technique practiced for 20 minutes twice a day in a comfortable seated position. Each student is given a personal mantra and taught the art of transcendence. Your body receives profound levels of rest in this hyper metabolic state which allows the body to heal and unwind stresses in the nervous system. Less stress equals more happiness and equanimity.

What is Vedic? It comes from the 5,000 year old body of knowledge from India known as the Veda – comprising the universal laws of nature and human consciousness. This is a non-religious practice that is applicable to all regardless of faith or philosophy.

I personally took this course and have found tremendous benefit. I thought I knew how to meditate before but I was wrong. I learned so much and was able to apply it with real-time feedback which was priceless.  I have felt calmer, smarter, and clearer.  As a business owner, mom, wife and athlete, this has given me time for myself and clarity to become more efficient.  Please let me know what other questions you might have!

Member of the Month – September

Therese Searles is one of the original members of Mindset.  She is known for her precision and must-finish attitude.  She is a hard-core rise-n-grind 5:30am crew member that consistently brings her best.  Therese is also known to be a team player, always helping to enhance the experiences of others.  We are so blessed to have her be a pillar in our community! 

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