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  • Theme: “Self Worth”
  • Mobility Focus: Thoracic / Scapular
  • Stability Goals: Scapular Depression / Retraction
  • Skill work: Plank

WOD Programming Schedule (thru Aug 14th)

  • Monday/Thursday – MetCon
  • Tuesday/Friday Strength
  • Wednesday/Saturday – Pliability


    • It is official – our new software, PushPress, is active!  We are so excited to share this new system with you!
    • You should have received an email to please update your account information.  
    • You will then be directed to sign our waiver.
    • Once that is complete, you will be directed to where you can download the new App!
    • Update Your Payment Information
      • You should have been sent an email to add a credit card to your account.
      • NOTE: If you want us to use the ACH payment option, please reply to me and I will send you a separate secure custom link. 
    • Plans
      • We will be in contact with you individually this week to determine if you want to keep or upgrade your plan.
      • Once we verify the type of plan you want, we will activate your account for scheduling!
      • Your billing cycle date will stay the same!
    • Classes
      • We will be completely switched over to using PushPress for all scheduling / booking of classes starting August 2nd!
      • Once your account is activated, you can schedule earlier than August 2nd.
      • Please continue to use Wellness Living (current system) for your class bookings until July 31st. 
      • Please use Push Press (new system) for class bookings starting August 2nd.
  • Barre Class Opportunity
    • Class dates are being finalized!  Stay tuned!
    • HERE is a link to see what a Barre class looks like!
  • Massage Therapy coming August 9th!
    • We have hired a new Physical Therapist, Dr. Allyson Lowis, who is ALSO a massage therapist! She is amazing and her hands are even better…
    • HERE is a link to her schedule so treat yourself to an hour of relaxation!

Software Tip

Strength/MetCon/Pliability Days
With the transition to PushPress starting August 1st, we will have the ability to indicate which days are Strength, MetCon, and Pliability for the duration of each 4-week phase.
You’ll be able to see this in the PushPress app as a General/All Day event that cannot be booked (Highlighted below on the right).
To help with this transition, we’ve created similar events in your WellnessLiving app as 4 AM classes that cannot be booked. (Highlighted below on the left. And please don’t come to the gym at 4 AM.)
So when you see MetCon at the start of each day, you will know each WOD that day is a MetCon, etc.
As for what that MetCon actually entails…you’ll have to book it and show up. 🙂

Member of the Month – July

Kalani Burghard is one amazing athlete! 
Things she loves: 
  • Working hard
  • Ball slams
  • Proper breathing
  • Being a mom
  • Being a wife
  • Being a daughter
  • Being a teacher

Things she dislikes:

  • The assault bike
  • Dishonest humans

Things you didn’t know about her:

  • She is a Big-10 soccer referee
  • She has a pony 🙂
COVID Policy Updates
  • You can find our complete COVID-19 Protocol HERE
  • New CDC and Michigan Mask Requirement UPDATE
    • We will no longer be requiring members to wear masks as of Monday!
    • All members are required to avoid entering our facility with the symptoms of COVID-19 listed on your class confirmation email.
    • If you would rather continue to wear a mask, please do!  We will continue to get outside as often as possible as well.
    • Please follow the guidelines put forth by the State of Michigan indicated here:

MindsetPT Reminders

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