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Theme: “The Process is the Point”

  • Assessment Week will be the week of July 12th.  Start to refine one goal you would like to test that week! Then stay 5 minutes after each class you attend to work on it!
  • Here are a couple (very general) examples:
  • Goal: I want to be able to carry something heavy more easily from my car to my house.
    • Action: Practice a farmer’s carry with a moderate weight for a designated time / distance after every class.
  • Goal: I want to do a pull up.
    • Action: Perform assisted pull ups or pull up progressions 2-3x/week
  • Goal: I want to do a box jump.
    • Action: Practice step ups or jumps to smaller surface like a plate on the ground 2-3x/week
  • Goal: I want to deadlift 1x my body weight.
    • Action: Talk to Ellen to make a weekly plan!
  • Mobility Focus: Shoulder / Thoracic Spine
  • Stability Goals: Rotator Cuff 90-180 degrees
  • Skill work: Hang Power Clean
    • Why: The hang power clean builds lower body strength to help you lift or move heavy objects throughout the day. When performed properly, it will also help you to develop a strong postural skill that may be helpful for people who need to be on their feet all day.
    • Start Position: Hang position
    • Action: Triple extension with retro shrug
    • Rack/Receive/Catch Position: Power front rack stance (partial squat)
    • Need extra time to learn the hang power clean? Watch THIS or THIS!
      • Bonus: HERE are the different types of cleans!

WOD Programming Schedule (thru July 10th)

  • Monday/Thursday – Pliability
  • Tuesday/Friday Strength
  • Wednesday/Saturday – MetCon


  • The Fit3D Machine is coming soon!
    • Learn more HERE!
    • It is scheduled to be here mid-July.  We will be scheduling scans for all members the first week of August (or sooner!!)
  • CPR/AED Class
    • June 25th @ 5:30-8:00 pm
    • Price: $65
    • HURRY and Register HERE
  • Self Defense Class
    • Friday July 9th 5:30-8:30 pm for Part 1, then Friday July 16th 5:30-8:30 pm for Part 2 
    • Price: $50 (includes both days)
    • Register HERE
  • New CDC and Michigan Mask Requirements
    • We will no longer be requiring members to wear masks as of Monday!
    • All members are required to avoid entering our facility with the symptoms of COVID-19 listed on your class confirmation email.
    • If you would rather continue to wear a mask, please do!  We will continue to get outside as often as possible as well.
    • Please follow the guidelines put forth by the State of Michigan indicated here:

Health Tip

This week is all about The Process. You are a process. I am a process. We are all a process.
That is the point!  Your growth, change, and evolution are all the point!  The process is where you actually find out who you are. Cherish the process of being a work in progress. If you are done with the process, then you are done with life.

Member of the Month – June

Cindy Hayward is one tough athlete! She shows up consistently… flips a few tires here and there… always gives it her all… then does more at home… THEN helps others improve their lives through Primal Health Coaching! This woman is truly inspirational. She even brings greens for our resident goat – Dr. Ellen!  
Make time to introduce yourself to this awesome human. We love you more than you know, Cindy!

COVID Policy Updates

  • You can find our complete COVID-19 Protocol HERE

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