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  • Theme: “Balance”
  • Mobility Focus: Hip / Ankle
  • Stability Goals: Dead bug
  • Skill work: Balance


  • New Monday Morning Class!
    • Starting May 3rd (or sooner), we are changing morning class times to allow more availability (5:30a/6:30a/7:30a/8:30a)!  We will continue to add class times instead of increasing class sizes due to continued COVID concerns.
  • Late Cancellation / No Show Policy
    • In consideration to your fellow members and to assist with your accountability, there will be a $15 charge for any no-shows or late cancellations. Late cancellations are defined as within 8 hours of your class start time. This will allow other members from the waitlist sufficient time to be notified of their placement into the class. Thank you!
  • Dance Workout Night!
    • April 30th @ 7-8:30pm
    • The crew from Just Move Fitness and More is joining forces with the Mindset Staff to bring you an epic night for dance and strengthening!
    • Register HERE! Only a couple spots remain!
  • MamaBear
    • Next Session is now open!
    • April 27th – June 15th // Tuesdays 7-8:30pm
    • Register HERE! Please share this link with your friends!

Health Tip

Let’s talk BALANCE! The inner ear is a crucial component to balance, and HERE is a video from Khan Academy to summarize this amazing system! It even connects with your eyes, brain and the receptors in your legs! The human body is just astounding! This week, we will work on your balance in many ways so if you have questions, reach out to Dr. Ellen since she has a specialty in vestibular rehabilitation!

WOD Programming Schedule (thru May 8th)

  • Monday / Thursday – Strength
  • Tuesday / Friday – MetCon
  • Wednesday / Saturday – Pliability

COVID Policy Updates

  • You can find our complete COVID-19 Protocol HERE

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