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  • Theme: “Disconnect to Reconnect”
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Connection Breath
  • Skill work: Clean / Hang Clean 2


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Health Tip

We have been discussing mental health and self improvement over the past 4 weeks. This will be our final week! I encourage you to think about the challenges below and write them down!
Now that you have your goals written, I challenge you to DISCONNECT to DREAM…
  • Phase 1 (week 1)
    • Write out a clear and compelling vision for your future. 
  • Phase 2  (week 2)
    • Who are you? How would you define your identity? Write out all the words and ways you describe yourself or the way you think others describe you.
  • Phase 3 (week 3)
    • A limiting belief is a thought/opinion that you feel to be an absolute truth, when in reality, it is just an opinion–NOT a fact. This belief about yourself will hold you back from change and opportunities.
      • For example: “I am NOT a morning person.”  
      • This statement is a reflection of who you THINK you are, and therefore will affect your view on how you should act in the morning. 
      • In reality, it is just a BELIEF and that belief can be CHANGED. 
    • What are some of your limiting beliefs about yourself?
  • Phase 4 (week 4)
    • Write out 3 BIG goals you want to accomplish in the next year. Use SMART to make it specific and clear.
      • Acknowledge if these support your compelling future vision!
      • What about you and your identity will help you reach these goals?
      • What are some limiting factors you have to change to reach these goals?
    • Then write 2 actions for each goal you can do each day to move toward your goals!
    • Schedule a reminder on your calendar to revisit these at least weekly to see how you did!
  • Phase 5 (this week)
    • First – Disconnect. Set aside 30 minutes to yourself without any interruptions.
    • Write down all the people who could help you achieve these goals.
    • Write down all the actions you need to do to achieve these goals.
    • Write down the things you can do daily to achieve these goals.
    • Finally, write down the step you will do TOMORROW to start this process.
    • Revisit this process every Sunday!

WOD Programming – Phase 2 – Schedule (thru March 6th)

  • Strength: Monday / Thursday
  • MetCon: Tuesday / Friday
  • Pliability: Wednesday / Saturday

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