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  • Theme: “Slow Down”
  • Mobility Focus: Ankle / Wrist
  • Stability Goals: Connection Breath
  • Skill work: Clean / Hang Clean 1


  • **STARTING NOW** We will be offering a $50 account credit for any member who refers someone who signs up for a 3 or 6 or 12 month Gym Membership! We want to build a beautiful and safe community of kind, determined learners so we want your input as to who you want to surround yourself with!
  • Our 4-week Better Runner Course is now open! This course is for runners who want to learn optimal stability, strength, mobility and breathing to increase their performance. Please spread the word!
  • The Athena Program has officially opened as well! This 6-wk session starts April 5th and runs Mondays/Wednesdays from 3:30-5pm!

Health Tip

We have been discussing mental health and self improvement over the past 2 weeks. I encourage you to think about the challenges below and write them down.  
What is the next step? Write out your goals! Dream big! Get courageous! Your coaches will be asking about your goals for the class to assist you with practicing this process.
So I challenge you: 
  • Phase 1 (week 1)
    • Write out a clear and compelling vision for your future. 
  • Phase 2  (week 2)
    • Who are you? How would you define your identity? Write out all the words and ways you describe yourself or the way you think others describe you.
  • Phase 3 (week 3)
    • A limiting belief is a thought/opinion that you feel to be an absolute truth, when in reality, it is just an opinion–NOT a fact. This belief about yourself will hold you back from change and opportunities.
      • For example: “I am NOT a morning person.”  
      • This statement is a reflection of who you THINK you are, and therefore will affect your view on how you should act in the morning. 
      • In reality, it is just a BELIEF and that belief can be CHANGED. 
    • What are some of your limiting beliefs about yourself?
  • Phase 4 (this week)
    • Write out 3 BIG goals you want to accomplish in the next year. Use SMART to make it specific and clear.
      • Acknowledge if these support your compelling future vision!
      • What about you and your identity will help you reach these goals?
      • What are some limiting factors you have to change to reach these goals?
    • Then write 2 actions for each goal you can do each day to move toward your goals!
    • Schedule a reminder on your calendar to revisit these at least weekly to see how you did!

WOD Programming – Phase 2 – Schedule (thru March 6th)

  • Strength: Monday / Thursday
  • MetCon: Tuesday / Friday
  • Pliability: Wednesday / Saturday

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