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  • Theme: “Change”
  • Mobility Focus: Shoulder
  • Stability Goals: Scapular
  • Skill work: Plank and Single Leg skill work


  • The first MamaBear course of 2021 is officially open! It begins Feb 24th and we only have 1 spot left! Please spread the word to any mama who you think would benefit from a supportive community, physiology education, movement and more!
  • Our 4-week Better Runner Course is now open! This course is for runners who want to learn optimal stability, strength, mobility and breathing to increase their performance. Spread the word!

Health Tip

I have had more conversations either directly about mental health or noted mental health struggles in my clients more in the past year than I have in my entire career.  
COVID has challenged our culture in more ways than we realize. We are more alone, more sedentary, more stressed and more reliant on technology than ever before. 
Over the next few weeks I will be presenting you with some studies about what the latest research is showing about mental health. 
Today’s research study published Aug 21st, 2020 is presented by the Kaiser Family Foundation: The Implications of COVID-19 for Mental Health and Substance Use by Nirmita Panchal, Rabah Kamal, Kendal Orgera, Cynthia Cox, Rachel Garfield, Liz Hamel, Cailey Munana and Priya Chidambaram.
Here are a few quotes that stuck with me: 
  • “During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and fear, it is likely that mental health issues and substance use disorders among people with these conditions will be exacerbated. In addition, epidemics have been shown to induce general stress across a population and may lead to new mental health and substance use issues.”
  • “More than one in three adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder during the pandemic.”
Please know we are here to help and connect you with professionals that can help you. Whether it is pelvic floor, internal medicine or mental health, we have your back. All of us are so much more comfortable giving help vs asking for help. Watch this short video to realize why we need to analyze ourselves a little better.
LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Everyone can benefit from self analysis!
So I challenge you: 
  • Phase 1 (last week)
    • Write out a clear and compelling vision for your future. 
  • Phase 2 
    • Who are you? How would you define your identity? Write out all the words and ways you describe yourself or the way you think others describe you.

WOD Programming – Phase 2 – Schedule (thru March 6th)

  • Strength (*new*): Monday / Thursday
  • MedCon: Tuesday / Friday
  • Pliability: Wednesday / Saturday

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