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  • Theme: “Perspective”
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: NEW YEAR WEEK!
  • Skill work: NEW YEAR WEEK!

Health Tip

New Year’s Resolutions. If I am being honest, I hate them.
They promote a short-term idea to health and change.
They promote bad habits and unhealthy relationships with yourself.

Use this as an opportunity to find a better way to promote a healthy lifestyle and consistent choices no matter what the calendar says.
Use this as an opportunity to connect with yourself and find your worth.
Use this as an opportunity to find your true motivation for change and create a plan that you are held accountable for.
If you need assistance, Dr. Ellen is accepting only 5 additional people for her coaching program that involves solid plan creation, application, and weekly meeting assessments. Members only pay $240 for this 8-week program ($30/week). Please email Ellen (Ellen@Mindsetpt.com) if you are interested!


  • We will be closed on New Year’s Day
  • This week will be The Best of 2020 Workouts all week!
    • Don’t miss out on all the fun every day!!
    • December 31st will be SPECIAL NYE WODs to end the year on OUR TERMS!  Let’s celebrate how far we have all come and all the wonderful things coming in 2021!
    • Join us on Dec 31st @ 10am for our FINAL 1 mile walk (outside, socially distanced and masked)
  • **Mini Wodders will be taking a hiatus until Summer 2021! We are re-formatting and creating new programming for these young athletes! We look forward to seeing you in the future!**

WOD Programming Phase Schedule (thru Dec 26th)

  • Best of 2020 all this week!
  • Starting January 4th, we will begin our next training phase. It will start with a Strength Week! More details to come!

COVID Policy Updates

  • You can find our complete COVID-19 Protocol HERE

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