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  • Theme: “The Week of Reaction vs. Response”
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Anterior Core
  • Skill work: Row

Health Tip

As we end 2020, it is normal to set our sights on new goals and desires for the upcoming year.  Many of us make “resolutions” to lose weight or eat better or change something about our lives that isn’t ideal.
In order to create true change, there needs to be a plan. Otherwise, we rely on wishful thinking of what we want to change vs actually setting yourself on a trajectory towards success.  I have watched the majority of people, myself included at times, fail when the strategy is one that does not have a concrete plan or accountability.
I am offering a special opportunity to our Mindset Community to have the first 8 weeks for 2021 be purposeful. Intentional. Goal-driven.
What is included:
  • Weekly virtual Coaching Sessions (30min) for 8 weeks
  • Concrete goal setting, targeting and review
  • Custom program creation including breathing, nutrition, sleep, mindset and movement
  • Daily tracking and practice
  • Begins January 4th
  • FREE for the first 2 people from this newsletter who sign up
  • After this point, members and pass holders will receive the discounted price of $240 ($30/week).
What next?
  • CLICK HERE ASAP to fill out your intake form. The first two people will be free!


  • Green Gardens Community Farm has officially joined our community!
    • We are now a pick-up location for their Green Box program every FRIDAY.
    • There is no cost for the membership or subscription–you just pay for the food you order with a $30 minimum.
    • Members of the Mindset community are getting a special offer of $10 off the first box! Coupon code is “Mindset” and should be placed in the “terms” section of the sign up.
  • 90 – Day Commitment Challenge
    • We are still going strong! Only 18 days left! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for daily motivation!
  • Gift of Health for the Holidays!
    • Give the gift of health to someone you love with our 10-session gym pass!  This special saves $40 off the original price AND Mindset members get an ADDITIONAL 10% off with the code “holiday10

WOD Programming Phase Schedule (thru Jan 2)

  • Monday & Thursday: MetCon
  • Tuesday & Friday: Pliability 
  • Wednesday & Saturday: Strength

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