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Get clear. Laser your focus. Declare your intentions.  
Clarity + Fierce Intention = Killer Combo
  • Theme: “The Week of Intention”
  • Mobility Focus: Hip
  • Stability Goals: Bird Dog
  • Skill work: Push Up

Health Tip

We have spoken a lot about our Nervous System in the past few weeks.  What this system is and how it works is spectacular.  But the awareness and understanding of how to use it isn’t usually something that is common knowledge. It is amazing to me this isn’t discussed in school to help our younger selves understand our bodies better! So let’s start now…

Let’s say you receive a text message on your phone that makes you angry.  This creates a stress response – your sympathetic nervous system responds and adrenaline is released in our bodies in a half a second. This cascade of chemicals and hormones flooding our body inhibits rational thinking and decision making, leading you to respond to this text in a less-than-ideal manner.

However, if you were able to pause and realize this reality you have created is physiology-based… and can be counteracted at the physical level… then your ability to hack yourself becomes unstoppable.

Let’s let Andrew Huberman, a Neuroscience Professor at Stanford continue to expand our understanding of the human brain and stress in this video.


  • Green Gardens Community Farm will be joining our community!
  • We will be a pick-up location for their Green Box program starting later this month.
  • They will be offering special deals for our members, so stay tuned to next week’s newsletter.
  • To learn more about their program and how it is different than a CSA, click the link above.
  • This very special local farm has a mission that matches our hopes and dreams, so we look forward to joining forces:
“Our mission is to grow healthy food that sets the standard for freshness and quality, while empowering you and your family to eat better and live higher quality lives.”

WOD Programming Phase Schedule (thru Dec 26)

  • Monday & Thursday: MetCon
  • Tuesday & Friday: Pliability 
  • Wednesday & Saturday: Strength

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