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This Week’s Info

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”– Darren Hardy
  • Theme: “The Week of Accomplishment”
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Turkish Get Up
  • Skill work: Turkish Get Up

Health Tip

This week we are talking about a book called “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. This book talks about the power of small consistent actions.  One of the best quotes is: “Small, seemingly insignificant steps completed consistently over time will create radical differences.”

To exemplify the point this book is trying to make, we are starting a 90-DAY MILE COMMITMENT!  For the last 90 days of 2020, join us in walking or jogging a mile every single day. Walking a mile takes 20 minutes or less! Jogging a mile is likely 12 minutes or less!

You will be amazed what you feel like after committing to yourself for 90 days.

You are welcome to use our space or treadmill or even the trails around our office. Get your workout crew to do it together!

There will be small calendars printed for you to check off your progress along the way. Place them on the back of your phone or on your bathroom mirror – someplace you will see EVERY SINGLE DAY.

EVERYONE that completes the challenge will get a prize! However, do this for yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

To make it official, register HERE!


Upcoming Events

    • Starting October 3rd, we will be welcoming Gena Heminover to our staff to provide yoga classes every other Saturday at 8am!  She brings 10 years of yoga instruction, along with a passion for health through body connection. This will be intended for all levels, even if you are new to yoga! Check your app soon to reserve your spot!

WOD Programming Phase Schedule (thru Oct 3)

  • Strength: Monday & Thursday
  • Pliability: Tuesday & Friday
  • MetCon: Wednesday & Saturday

COVID Policy Review

  • You can find our complete COVID-19 Protocol HERE
  • Please contact Dr. Ellen at Ellen@MindsetPT.com with any additional questions.

Booking Reminder

  • Reserve your spot EARLY for the classes you desire!
  • Feel free to book weeks in advance to keep yourself accountable and ensure the times you prefer!
  • Please use the waitlist feature so if a spot opens, you will be notified!  Also, this helps our staff determine where we need to add classes for greater availability!
  • Use our MindsetPT app or our website calendar for easy scheduling!


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