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Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.”
– Gandhi

This Week’s Info

  • Theme: “The Week of Belief Systems”
  • Mobility Focus: Overhead / wrist
  • Stability Goals: Deadbug
  • Skill work: Handstand continuation

Upcoming Events

  • Kettlebell Classes Begin Aug 6 – Thursdays @ 4:30pm / 6:00pm

This cannonball with a handle can build strength, power endurance, metabolic conditioning, stability, mobility and more.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a kettlebell or can juggle a couple 70-pounders — this class will be fun, challenging and help you learn a new skill that translates directly to the real world.  This class is FREE to members, and $20 for walk-ins.  Reserve your spot ahead to make sure we can maintain our COVID protocols.

WOD Programming Schedule – Phase 2

  • Pliability: Monday and Thursday
  • Strength: Tuesday and Friday
  • Metabolic Conditioning: Wednesday and Saturday

COVID Policies

  • Our coaches are educated on our protocols and will do everything they can to keep everyone (themselves included) safe.
  • Classes will be held outdoors if possible. If there is rain or unsafe weather, there is no penalty for late cancellations.
  • If it becomes unsafe to workout outside due to weather, anyone who wishes to complete the workout can do so with open gym doors, socially distanced with a mask on.
  • We will notify all members booked for a class via text and email if that class is cancelled.
  • EVERYONE inside the building must be masked.  You are welcome to park in the rear of the center and walk behind the building to get to our outdoor workout area.
  • We have masks for purchase for $5.
  • Members are asked to bring their own towel or yoga mats
  • We use medical grade Re-Juv-Nal cleaner on all surfaces, including doors/handles/armrests, etc. immediately after each session
  • We require every person to wash hands on arrival and wash hands on departure.
  • All staff will be wearing masks for your safety.
  • You can find our complete COVID-19 Protocol HERE
  • Please contact Dr. Ellen at Ellen@MindsetPT.com with any additional questions.

Booking Reminder

  • Reserve your spot in the classes you desire!
  • Feel free to book weeks in advance to keep yourself accountable and ensure the times you prefer!
  • Use our MindsetPT app or our live calendar on our website for easy scheduling!


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