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Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation helps individuals regulate their parasympathetic nervous system–the part of the body that rules relaxation and rejuvenation.

This type of meditation helps reduce stress chemicals that accumulate in the body, and it also can provide a more restful night of sleep. Vedic Meditation is not like Buddhist mindfulness-based meditation of contemplation or compassionate thinking, but rather uses a mantra to settle the mind. This is all to help cultivate calm and deep focus.

This course requires a five day commitment to ensure your success in practice.

Spring 2023

April 27th - April 30th

Meet Your Instructor

Julie Gandolfo

Julie Gandolfo

Julie has been practicing Vedic Meditation for over 15 years and teaching globally for 8 years.

She met her teacher, Thom Knoles, in Los Angeles in 2007 and was invited to stay in India numerous times over the course of three years to continue her study of Vedic Knowledge. After three months of rigorous training in Tamil Nadu, she was set free to share these ancient techniques.

Julie loves surfing and spends half of the year on the island of Puerto Rico hosting wellness retreats and catching waves. Her love of surfing and meditation helped her form her organization, Wave of Bliss Meditation.

She is truly passionate about helping others with meditation and has devoted her whole life to sharing this wisdom.