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Performing Arts Athletes

The performing arts require a tremendous amount of strength, mobility, stability, endurance, and body control.

At Mindset, our expertise across these domains will take your performace to the next level.

Standard Performing Arts Screen

Includes one 30-minute session for assessment & custom corrective programming.


Elite Performing Arts Screen

Includes one 60-minute session for assessment, custom corrective programming, progressive strengthening, flexibility, mobility, stability and balance work.


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Our Athena Program is for young women ages 12-16 and combines mindset practice with movement principles, along with conversations about proper nutrition, sleep, social media use, and other relevant topics.


Your Performing Arts PT

Dr. Allyson graduated from Hope College with a BA in Exercise Science and a minor in dance in 2012.

While at Hope she was in the pre-professional dance company dANCEpROjECT, now known as H2.

She graduated from CMU with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017 and has attended additional courses specializing in treating dancers.

Dr. Allyson Lowis