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About Mindset

Our Values

We live in a time when people in pain are evaluated by their reimbursement rate rather than how they feel, what they need, and how we can help.

It can be frustrating enough to live in pain or rely on others or medications because of an injury or condition.

It is unacceptable that the healthcare industry makes things worse by leaving you unsure about your treatment options and feeling ignored.

With insurance costs rising and a population seeking to remain healthy and active, the most valuable healthcare service we can offer is one that is patient-focused, caring, progressive, ethical, and most of all, works.

Our physical therapists are trained movement specialists and if there is one thing our society needs, it is MORE MOVEMENT.

By treating our clients and patients first and foremost in a progressive, ethical, and effective way through customized care, patient education, and researched principles, we provide a new standard of health services for southwest Michigan.

What You Get with Mindset

Results. Compassion. Listening. Sometimes, tough love. 

We are a committed partner on your journey to lifelong vitality. Your sessions are always one-on-one with Dr. Ellen or Dr. Josh for focused, elite-level care, and the Mindset team doesn’t stop there. We have a wide, curated tribe of like-minded providers who specialize in TMJ, sleep disorders, women's health, strength and conditioning, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and other wellness domains, all with the priority of getting you better. If it’s best to include one of these practitioners in your plan of care, we will make it happen. 

No Insurance Drama

No authorization/pre-authorization nonsense, referral headaches, or unnecessary delays. Get an appointment right away and get started on your path to wellness.

Please Note: We do participate with worker's compensation and auto accident claims on a case-by-case basis. Please call our office to see if your situation qualifies.

Lower Costs

Our flat fees cost less—and certainly cause less frustration—than rising deductibles and copays. You pay for your appointment, and that’s it. No sneaky bills months from now because your insurance decided not to cover something.

Respect for Your Time

You will get more value in one session with us than the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and hours spent on other practitioners, tests, mattresses, orthotics, braces, creams, and programs.

We typically see our patients once per week and focus on education and empowerment to maximize your understanding and independence. This gets you better, faster.

An Amazing Community

When you come to Mindset, you will be welcomed with energy and love by people who truly want you to thrive. We embrace natural light, music, wild encouragement, goal setting, personal records, progress vs. perfection, and getting back up.

Your time with us will be among the best moments of your day. 

Our Awesome Team

Dr. Ellen Hector, PT, DPT, ITPT, COMT, CPPC

Dr. Ellen Hector, PT, DPT, ITPT, COMT, CPPC

Owner, Physical Therapist

Dr. Ellen was born and raised in the Detroit area, and graduated from Central Michigan University with her Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine / Exercise Physiology / Athletic Training. She then attended the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2008.

She holds specialties and additional certifications in Concussion Rehabilitation, Pre-/Post Natal Coaching, Manual Therapy,  Orthopedics/Sports Medicine, Vestibular Therapy, Clinical Education, ASTYM, and Kinesiotaping.

Ellen has worked with multiple high school and collegiate level teams including soccer, hockey, wrestling, softball, volleyball and rugby. She also served our men and women in uniform during her time at Camp Pendleton with the United States Marine Corps.

She is married to a very attractive lumberjack, has 2 beautiful sons, owns a dog and knows 2 cats who occasionally grace her with their presence. She enjoys being outside in any weather and minimizing her footprint.

Dr. Cara Ahlgrim, PT, DPT, soon to be CSCS

Dr. Cara Ahlgrim, PT, DPT, soon to be CSCS

Physical Therapist

Cara grew up in Northern New York and studied Behavioral Neuroscience at Northeastern University, where she also played Division I field hockey.

She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Vermont. Her clinical interests include orthopedic and sports rehab, as well as injury prevention and manual therapy.

Cara also holds certifications in RockTape FMT Blades & Blades Advanced, and through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Her TPI certification allows her to better assist golfers by breaking down the golf swing into functional movements and developing personalized exercise plans to improve mobility, flexibility, and strength. Cara is currently studying to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) to enhance her ability to connect with clients and gym members.

In her spare time she enjoys visiting craft breweries, skiing, paddleboarding, golfing, and spending time with her family.

Jacob Haugen, BSc

Jacob Haugen, BSc

Coach, Kinesiology Specialist

 Jacob Haugen was born and raised right here in Kalamazoo, MI, where he attended Mattawan Schools. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Kinesiology, he went on to work as a private health coach, Parkinson’s researcher, and fitness program designer.

He holds several titles in competitive sports including state champion gymnast, second-degree black belt, and has placed first in several ballroom dancing and rock climbing competitions.

He is currently studying to attend graduate school for physical therapy. In his free time, he enjoys producing videos, tutoring local students, and programming web applications.

Jeremy Brown, Onnit Academy Kettlebell Specialist

Jeremy Brown, Onnit Academy Kettlebell Specialist

Owner, COO

Jeremy was born and raised in Paw Paw and graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in English and Communications.

In previous jobs he has served as a narrative director for a video game company, launched and led two departments for a multi-million dollar media company, and created validation documentation for Pfizer.

He is an Onnit Kettlebell Specialist and was previously a Level 1 CrossFit Coach. He has attended multiple courses with StrongFirst and MovNat, participated in a dozen adventure races, completed two Tough Mudders, and attended classes at Tom Brown’s Tracker School and Bill McConnell’s PAST Skills Wilderness School.

He is married to Dr. Ellen (see above for how lucky that makes him). Spending time outdoors with her, their two boys, and any critters who choose to join is the best part of any day.