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The Week of

This Week’s Info

  • Theme: Assessment Week!
  • Mobility Focus: Global
  • Stability Goals: Global
  • Skill Work: Global
  • Mindset: Give It All You’ve Got!

WOD Programming Schedule


Green Box from Of The Land

  • Don’t forget to order your Green Box each week to get fresh, locally made/sourced food!
  • We love our Of The Land partners! Their efforts to provide real and healthy foods to your neighborhood while focusing on minimizing food waste are incredible!

Mindset’s Favorite Things…

  • For the home stretch of 2022, we are going to have some serious fun!
  • Plan on a new theme, lots of wisdom, giveaways and celebrations EVERY month!
  • October – Models and Mentors in Movement
    • We are giving you 4 free classes for a friend, child, mentee, etc. for this month!
    • That can be 4 sessions for 1 person, 1 session for 4 different people, 2 for 2 — you choose!
    • Contact Amanda (Amanda@MindsetPT.com) to sign up someone important to you!


Don’t forget about our Halloween WOD!
Can’t wait to see you there!!

Health Tip

Assessment Week is BACK!
Here are some great ways to prepare yourself!
  1. Breathe! Remember you have actually been preparing for this through our programming.
  2. For those of you doing this for your first time, have fun and gather baseline data!
  3. Remember that none of these numbers show any value about you as a human! It is just information you can use to track your progress over time.
  4. Eat nutritious food! Give your body the energy and nutrients it needs to perform and recover. Consider scheduling a 1:1 nutrition consult with Cassidi if you want to learn more!
  5. Drink your water people! Even consider adding a pinch of salt in your water (not enough to taste).
  6. Try to get to each Assessment Day once to expose yourself to the different areas of testing.
  7. RING THE BELL when you achieve a personal record! Write your achievements on the board!  Celebrate every single win and attempt!
  8. Have FUN! CHEER on your fellow workout buddies! GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

Functional Medicine Corner

I know many of us feel we are perpetually on the go during the school year. Between sports practices or games, music lessons and after school clubs, we are often left feeding our kiddos (and ourselves) in the car on the way from one event to the next.

Below are a few ideas to tempt the palate and fill hungry bellies while still providing good fuel for our growing and active little humans, as well as ourselves!

  • Meat or cheese sticks, trail mix, natural fruit and/or nut bars
    • There are several options available at stores such as Costco, Meijer and Earth Fare that provide good quality and well-sourced nutrition and are also easy to grab or store for quick fuel.
  • Tortilla roll-ups
    • There are so many options for these bite-sized snacks – this can range from cream cheese and veggies to deli sandwich fixings, or nut butter and fruit slices like apples or bananas.
    • Just add toppings, roll it up, and slice it into bite-sized pieces for easy munching.
  • Sweet “treats”
    • There are many items we can bake or create that can satisfy a bit of a sweet tooth, and still provide some protein, fiber and nutrients to sustain for at least a couple of hours.
    • Consider pumpkin cookiesenergy bites, or zucchini muffins. Baking with nut flours or butters and adding shredded veggies or flax/chia seed provides some super fuel along with yummy flavor!
  • Soup or chili in a personal thermos
    • Especially when the weather turns chilly, this can be a relatively easy meal idea that is quite transportable.
    • I’m happy to share a couple of our family’s favorites – sausage and potato soup or Instant Pot chili, anyone?

~ Carrie Palmer PA-C, IFMCP
Please feel free to reach out to Carrie directly with additional questions at 269-224-1659!

Member of the Month – Zoe Dekoff

Hey there Mindset community–we need your help! Check out our September Member of the Month, Zoe DeKoff! Help us celebrate her all month long. 💚🙌🥰

Zoe is a joy to have in the gym! Her attitude, spirit and calm presence lifts the mood of every WOD she attends. We love seeing her progress in her own goals and we admire how she has invested time in herself and movement with us. She has been a high achiever in our recent Summer of You challenge.

Zoe, we are amazed at how you have prioritized yourself! Keep up the great work–we are so proud of you! 😍

Help us shower Zoe with Mindset love and support this month!

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